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Positive Pathways, behind-the-scenes brand shoot, makeover & interview

Positive Pathways Beauty Clinic - Brand Photography Session

I had the pleasure of working with Deborah Jones from Positive Pathways (Hair removal, skin and training clinic based in Kent) on this Brand photography and special makeover for one of her client’s (Val). The session was about capturing some behind the scenes photographs of Deborah at work to create branding & marketing visuals for her business.

Using a combination of before & after photographs of Val’s treatment along with the ‘story’ to create the final result in the form of a series of portrait photographs. You can also see the new skin clinic tour here!

Have to say a massive thanks to Lesley for all the hard work and support with Val’s makeover & Hair styling! 

What is Positive Pathways about and what inspired you to go into business?

“The name Positive Pathways symbolises a pathway in life. A pathway to achieving a new career or pathways by having a life-changing treatment, the removal of unwanted hair ‘permanently’ or unwanted imperfections on the face and body.

I’ve such a passion and enthusiasm for Electrolysis. I feel a sense of positive energy is transmitted and gives hope to the many people I’ve worked with. I’m naturally a positive person and feel privileged to help make a difference for others.”

Tell me more about the treatment of Val? What’s involved and what impact did it have?

“Thread veins, Broken Capillaries or Telangiectasia are all the same thing, they appear as small red or blue unsightly spider-like veins which can appear at various sites on the body, most commonly on the face and legs. There are currently three main methods available to treat thread veins; Laser Therapy, Sclerotherapy (for the legs) and then Electrolysis (thermolysis) this has a cauterising effect. Thread veins are caused by a variety of factors including exposure to the SUN, wind and extremes of temperature. Steroid creams and the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy can also cause them. It can also be hereditary in some individuals. Some people are just more prone to develop thread veins than others.”
Positive Pathways
“Thermolysis Electrolysis is an alternating (High frequency) current, which produces heat at the tip of the needle to cauterise thread veins. The procedure is uncomfortable, however, has an immediate effect on the capillaries, they disappear while causing minimal damage to the skin surface (epidermis). All that may remain is erythema (redness) of the skin that disappears to leave a micro-crust (a bit like salt granules) this will disappear usually in a matter of weeks.”

“The treated thread veins will appear more prominent for a week or two until the healing has taken place. It is so IMPORTANT during the healing to STAY OUT of direct SUNSHINE to prevent pigmentation from forming in the area.”

Val had many thread veins on her face. She really disliked how they looked. Val’s daughter got married in March 2020 and she really wanted her face to be clear for the photos.

I spent time explaining the process and we had a plan to work with. The results have been amazing, from feeling so self-conscious about her face to now feeling confident and fantastic, Val is extremely happy and is looking forward to her daughter wedding.

Positive Pathways Beauty Clinic Kent

What are you currently working on or towards – What’s next for you – The Future?

“I’m continuing to develop courses, this will provide a platform of opportunity for other therapists to increase their own knowledge within the electrolysis industry. I’m also embarking on my own personal development; I feel it’s important to constantly update and improve one’s self, this creates a better educator and practitioner. Including gaining my level 5 Electrolysis qualification, and provide this training for my fellow electrologists too.

What’s your top advice to someone who would benefit from what you do?

“If someone out there is suffering from unwanted facial hair. There is a solution, a permanent solution. Electrolysis is the ONLY permanent method of hair removal. My advice would stop suffering alone. We are discreet and compassionate. Stop tweezing the hair it will worsen, it would be better to cut or shave, however the best and kindest thing you could do for yourself would be ELECTROLYSIS! My promise is, it’s life-changing!”

Positive Pathways Beauty Clinic Kent

Who’s been some of the mentors/key people who are instrumental to your success?

“I was inspired by a lady called Julia Pittaway. Her passion rubbed off on me and filled me with the enthusiasm which I still have today. Julia encouraged me to keep learning and developing. She believed in me until I believed in me too.

Business Mentor Ash Lawrence has been a major influence in helping me grow my business for the last 7 years. His encouragement and continued support has been incredible.

I took part in Ash’s mindset course ‘the millionaire mindset’ that was where my business was turned around. I actually started to feel I had a proper business lol. I now attend a monthly meeting ‘EBC’ & Co-Author of the book Entrepreneurs Business Club, this is an accountability group, setting goals and achieving them with the support from the group! I feel blessed.”

Positive Pathways Beauty Clinic Kent

How are you going to use your new behind-the-scenes & personal brand images?

“I’ll be using the photographs on the Positive Pathways website and social media platforms. Sharing my story, behind the scenes and of course, the results will enhance my brand and help me connect on a more personal level with my clients as well as grow my business into the future!

Thank you, Graham. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you!”

The Result – Val’s Transformation!

Headshot Portrait Photographer - Graham Baker Photography
Headshot Portrait Photographer - Graham Baker Photography
"Wow Graham you were incredible, from your friendly personality to your professional skill, the two are not separated, & both are entwined in how you conduct yourself with every photo you capture. Watching you work with Val putting her at complete ease, explaining the process as you worked. You made Val laugh & cry ( just a bit). I could almost see Val growing taller, confident & glowing with joy with every picture taken. It’s very clear that you completely love photography, you immerse your heart & soul. It was such a joy to be a part of this experience. Val was relaxed & happy because the final pictures tell a thousand stories. You are an amazing photographer, with a calm, compassionate approach that instils confident when it matters."
Kent Headshot Photography

Something fun!

More recently Deborah got in contact with my looking for some promotional photographs and new headshots for her portfolio and to promote her latest book Love of a Garden through Poems! Enjoy these fun images where we mixed the book’s illustrations with “Real-Life” photographs of Deborah. And yes she had to act out all of the poses with nothing there and I incorporated graphics into the photographs using Adobe Photoshop.
Garden Poems Children's Book
Garden Poems Children's Book
Garden Poems Children's Book

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