Shall we focus on your business?

It’s unique. There may be others like it, but they’re never going to be identical, which is why the images you choose to represent your company should be as exceptional as your offering. You want your customers to know your story, discover your products, and connect with you.

Quality Visual Content

Perhaps the pictures you take just never seem as high-quality as they could be. Or maybe your existing content isn’t in line with your business goals or values. A commercial business photographer will be able to capture your business in the best light 

Saving you the effort

Or maybe you’re just so busy that you don’t have the time to think of and create impactful images and edit them. It takes time to prepare your marketing materials. Find someone who can save you the stress and time of doing them yourself.

Unique To Your Business

Maybe you originally used stock images when you first built your website, and now, they don’t match your business. The option of professionally produced, unique photos, which perfectly portray your offering will help your clients get to know you better. 

Finding a commercial business photographer.

Whatever your reason, you need someone who understands and cares about your business as much as you do.  Like you and as someone who runs their own business, I can empathise with the sacrifice and passion you’ve put into yours.

You’ll need someone who will coach you through a business photography session and take time to make you feel comfortable and at ease, and who will support you in your visual storytelling.


There are many reasons for deciding to use a professional commercial photographer for your business photography. What would yours be?

So where does Graham Baker Photography fit?

I want to help your business tell its story; after all, your clients are a part of my story as much as they’re part of your story too.

I believe in quality over quantity, providing your business with a set of images that you can use time and time again, creating eye-catching pictures that will draw your customers in and encourage them to interact with your products or services.

I work with all types of businesses and all sizes, ensuring that the images and content that you display keep you in front of mind with your audience – Pictures really do speak a thousand words.

Business Stock Photos for website
Social Media Stock Images for small Business

Business Photography


Business Photography

The Result

Investing in a professional business photoshoot allows you and your company to visually stand out from your competition & stay front of mind of your ideal clients.

So, what do you get when you book a Business Photography session with me?


Access to an experienced and trusted business photographer who has extensive experience in communicating with people and customers


An experienced commercial photographer who will guide and support you through the photo session and how to use your new content effectively 


A library of personalised stock images and visual content that’s unique to you and will help you differentiate your business from your competition

Where does your visual story go from here?

Every good story needs a good beginning, middle and ending, so if you’d like me to help you engage more customers through stunning and well-crafted visuals, get in touch to book a no-obligation call.

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