Getting you from behind your business to in front of your brand.


If you look at the websites or social media of any household brand, the first thing that will jump out at you is the quality of their brand photography. From photos to videos, the imagery that they publish across their pages grabs their audience and pulls them in, enticing them with the products & services they have to offer.



You can’t throw a stick in the air without it landing on someone offering the same thing…

Standing out from the crowd is hard work; it can sometimes feel impossible to be seen or heard above the competition.

A Personal Brand Photography Session with me gives your business the opportunity to create a set of photographs and videos that tell your story to your potential clients and stand out. 

Whether you want to introduce them to the “behind the scenes” of your company, show them your manufacturing process, or show them why you’re the best choice for their custom, a branding photography session will give you the visual content your business needs to tell its story.

A brand photography session gives you the tools to connect with and communicate with your customers and potential customers, allowing a visual story to unfold in front of them.

After all, a good story is always more than words; it’s about sparking the imagination through imagery.


Make a positive impact in the front of your customer’s mind before someone else does!

You work too hard not to be seen.

New Engagement

There’s the opportunity to entice new customers to engage with you. While the saying goes “you should never judge a book by its cover”, a beautiful cover will always tempt you to flick through some pages to learn more. A professional set of brand images and videos will encourage people to browse. and start the engagement process.

Brand Loyalty

Your brand is how your values are viewed by others and the promise of what your clients receive when they come to you. Your service and story are what makes you unique and gives your audience the confidence in why they should trust your business over someone else’s. A consistent and engaging brand builds loyalty.

Brand Consistency

Deciding to use brand photography also creates consistency across all your platforms and client touchpoints, from your website and printed media all the way through to your social media feeds. Consistent high quality on-brand visual content ensures that your brand’s identity is compatible with the rest of your message. 

Empowerment Coach- Brand Photography Client Case Study

Graham took the time to learn about me, my family, my ideal client and what I was trying to achieve


The Consumer Content Report (Stackla) found that 86% of consumers said that authenticity is important when deciding what brands they like and support. In the same study, it was found that 57% of consumers also think that less than half of brands create content that resonates as authentic.


On average it can take 5-7 impressions for a potential client to remember your brand. With 81% of global brands citing that communicating a consistent brand message across multiple marketing touchpoints is a top priority for any organisation.


A study showed that 67% of online customers rated high-quality images as being very important to their purchase decisions. and 60% say they’re more likely to consider contacting a business that has visual content show up in local search results.

FAQ's Brand Photography.

Need some help with getting started with building your brand’s visual impact?

The easiest and quickest way to learn more is to request a callback (I promise no hard sales pitches – Nobody likes that!) or use my contact form with any questions you may have. The first call is always a no-obligation chat to see how we could work together on your brand photography needs.

If you’re not quite ready for a chat, feel free to continue exploring my website, portfolio and client case studies.

Here are a few frequently asked questions to get you started with brand photography and how you can benefit from having a strong visual presence.

I think it is probably likely that you all know what photography is so let’s start with Brand.

There are many different definitions and opinions of what a “Brand” is however this is what I think.

  • Firstly. It’s how your values are viewed by others and the promise of what they receive when they come to you. It’s a bit like the quote from Jeff Bezos “Your Brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the Room.” 
  • It’s also your behaviour, your professionalism and your “Story” of what makes you unique. For example “why would I trust you over someone else?”
  • Similar to the first point, your brand is also your reputation of what makes you the expert in whatever it is that you do
  • In short, what makes your brand stand out over others is you! YOU are YOUR Brand
  • Increase brand awareness to your clients
  • Increase engagement with your clients on social medial, website and printed marketing materials
  • Enhances the clients marketing & sales journey
    Supports the growth & profitability of your business

From individuals (people buy people), small businesses to large organisations, branding plays an essential role. Here are just a few examples of who can benefit from high quality branded content.   

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Service-based businesses 
  • eCommerce product businesses
  • Both venue based or online businesses 
  • Online influencers
  • Specialist coaches & wellness industry professionals
  • Performing artists, Actors & Models


  • At the end of your brand session, your business will have a library of visual content that reflect and enhance your brand and that you’ll want to show off across all your social media and your website 
  • Visual content that will last a very long time and that can be repurposed and reused many times over.
  • A collection of videos and pictures that will make your customers engage with your brand and want to click ‘buy’.
  • “Don’t ask me, ask my clients…”
    Have a look at my Portfolio & Case studies to see what previous clients have said about working with me.

When you work with me I supply all the images with a full & perpetual commercial license to use them as you wish typically;

  • Website visuals
  • Content Strategy & Social Media ad Campaigns
  • Printed marketing materials (Banners, posters, business cards, etc)
  • Organic Social Media Marketing Strategy & Social Channel profile pages
  • Influencer Marketing visuals

A branding photography session isn’t just about creating still images, I can also create videos for you. 

Using videos across your website and social media can have a significant impact on the interaction you receive from your audience and provides a smooth and professional way of sharing your company story. Social media posts that contain a video element gain more reach and, where the video is embedded on your website, encourage visitors to stay longer. 

Additionally, it can also improve the accessibility of your brand, ensuring that those who are visually or hearing impaired can still access your message. 

  • A video interview about you and your brand
  • Transcripts and subtitles included in all your videos
  • Videos split into small clips that are perfect for social media
  • Stock footage (B-Roll) video

The beauty of digital over film is that I can take a lot more shots than you will need; we can spend more time being creative and working on telling your story and spending time setting up something specific that fits with your brand values.

There will also be shots where someone has blinked or some other distraction.

I sort through all the photographs taken and delete any rejects and duplicates; then present you with the very best of what you need!

There may be plenty of others that provide the same product or services, as you so there’s no one size that fits all package because your brand is unique to you. 

With that in mind, your investment should be based on your specific circumstances and goals, so I’ll work with you to build a personalised & cost-effective package. Starting from £360

Estimates are based on the time needed to create the content (session time, post-processing) and can be in the form of half-day sessions, full-day sessions or hourly, according to your specifications.

Get in touch for a no-obligation chat and we can discuss what you’re looking to achieve.

A subscription model is whereby you can make regular payments for future shoots. For example, you pay a monthly fee that gives you 4 sessions (1 per quarter) a year. This would suit you if required regular updates to your brand images. You also get the added benefit of working with the same photographer to keep the brand consistent, as well as, spreading the investment over time rather than paying for individual sessions each time.

If this is something you’d be interested in please get in touch.

5 Benefits of brand photography to grow your business

Getting you out from behind your business, to in front of your brand.

“…I was nervous but he kept things relaxed and fun and soon I was feeling happy and confident that I had made the right choice in choosing Graham. He was patient and explained everything clearly. Graham gave great direction and he had lots of tips on how to use the images online…”

“Always delivering professional results and a professional experience. As a singer, I use his photographs to promote my solo business & he always gives me great direction & has plenty of useful ideas. I would highly recommend Graham to anyone wanting promotional images for their business!”

“This photoshoot was pretty important for my business as I wanted to be able to show the human side to my brand & Graham’s knowledge & expertise captured everything that I wanted. The images came out amazing & I am so grateful! I Highly recommend Graham Baker Photography!”

So where does Graham Baker Photography fit?

Visual Content Library

I work with you to create a library of images and or videos that your brand can use in its marketing. Everything I produce can be used and repurposed across multiple channels, including YouTube, social media, your website, and printed materials and brochures. It’s all about maximising the return on your investment

Staying on-Brand

 I go beyond just turning up to point a camera and shoot. I work alongside you, getting to understand your goals, messaging and who your ideal clients are. Coaching you through your branding session and taking time to ensure that you feel comfortable and at ease with the process. All the while keeping the results on-brand.

I get it!

As a business owner myself, I also understand the passion, drive and dedication that you’re putting into your business every day. I know you want to attract and work with the best clients because I want the same thing too. It’s my purpose to create a collection of visual media that’s going to support those goals.

Working Together!

So, what do you get when you book a Brand Photography session with me?

I work with you to design a package that suits you and your brand. Depending on your needs, your package will include a combination of elements of the following:-


Consultation and planning, including a brand questionnaire, mood board, and understanding of your pain points.


Shoot Brief Design. We plan the shoot so you can get the most out of your time with me.


Not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera. I’ll coach you through your session and help you gain the confidence to be more comfortable in front of a camera.


Access to a trusted visual advisor who will continue to support you with your visual storytelling.


A follow-up online media support session where I can share tips and solutions on how to use your images and videos effectively and maximise your return on investment.


Social media profile images and banners that are correctly sized for your social media profile.


Flexibility to shoot at multiple locations or with different outfits, themes, and styles.


All images and videos are edited and supplied in Hi-Resolution to your secure gallery.


Client for life. Editorial case study and social media spotlight & support.


Video Interviews are split into individual sections that can be used across all your platforms.

Where does your brand go from here?

Whether you already know what visual content you need or if you’re struggling to create on-brand images & videos then schedule a no-obligation chat to see how I can help you connect with the clients you want.

Not ready for a call? Have more questions? Click here to receive more information

Schedule your no-obligation phone consultation with me.

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5 benefits of brand photography to

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