Connecting you with your audience through dynamic headshot photography that showcases your personality & authentic identity

Is your headshot image aligned to your purpose & does it showcase your brand values?

Inconsistent images across Social media/website?

Not updated your headshot for over 2 years?

Have you changed your appearance recently? 

Frustrated you’re not attracting the audience you want?

You’re having a new website built & need up-to-date & authentic images?

You’re a busy professional you don’t have the time to create them for yourself or team?

You have a fear of being in front of the camera, or you don’t like the way you look?

Are you using a holiday photo or using a Selfie for your portfolio image? 


Your headshot photograph should be an authentic representation of who you are. It should be up to date and consistent across all your marketing materials and client touch-points.


Your headshot should represent your personal brand so that you’re recognisable as the face of your business. You should be getting noticed and standing out from the competition.


A professional headshot helps you build good connections with your ideal audience. It contributes to your clients getting to know, like and trust you. It’s the image of how you’re known in your industry.

You don’t have a lot of time to stand out & stay front-of-mind!

Studies have shown that most people will generally form an opinion about you within just a few seconds of seeing you for the first time. The ‘first impression’ they’ve formed will likely influence any interaction they have with you going forward.


The purpose of a professional, current and on-brand headshot photograph is to deliver that great first impression to your audience.

Headshots for London Accountant | Bexley Photographer


As a business owner myself, I understand how important a good first impression is to your reputation and how you’re perceived as a professional. So when it comes to attracting your ideal clients, networking or reaching your goals, you want to be seen in the best light possible.

Headshots for Bexley Business Owner


When you’re not used to having a professional portrait the nerves can sometimes kick in. I’d rather take a little longer with your headshots coaching you through your session removing fear and building your confidence to bring out your best of you.

Beauty Headshots for Models in Kent and London


Experienced photographer with many years in the photographic industry as well as being a qualified member of the Guild of Photographers & The Societies of Photographers. Also 15 years in the Police taught me a thing or two about effective communication!

FAQs Headshot photography​

The best way to learn more about a headshot session is to just give me a call for a no-obligation chat where I will be happy to answer any of your questions. In the meantime here are a few frequently asked questions to help you too.

As with a lot of photography services, it all depends on your needs. A headshot session can be as short as 20-30 minutes in the studio to a full day (personal brand headshot session) with multiple locations too.

For someone confident and just needs a few headshots for their social media profiles then a quick session in the studio would be plenty. However, for somebody looking for more variety and options with clothing, styles, lighting and crops then 1-2.5 hours would be a better option. I’d also recommend a longer session especially if you’re nervous and not used to being in front of the camera – This can allow for a bit more time for you to relax and I can help coach you through the session. It’s just as important to me that you enjoy the session as much as the results.

When you start getting into longer sessions then that it’s more about developing your brand, where more lifestyle, working shots and branded stock images are created alongside your headshots to create a “library of visual content” to use across all your marketing and brand touchpoints.

If I had a £1 every time I heard that, I’d be able to give up photography and retire!

Seriously though you’re not alone… I don’t mean you’re not photogenic of course! I just mean there are lots of people that ‘think’ they’re not! 

I’ve been photographing people professionally for over 11 years and I’ve seen and heard this all before.

Yet what I also know, as a business professional running my own business for over 11 years, is the impact and results in a good headshot will give you.

  • I provide you with information on what to wear and tips about how to look your best.
  • We can talk everything through before the shoot in your consultation.
  • I always spend the first part of the session just having a chat, helping you to relax and enjoy the process.
  • We take our time, regularly checking to see how you’re feeling and making sure you’re comfortable
  • I can even arrange & recommend makeup artists and hairstylists and even style experts too.
  • I always shoot way more photographs than you need – giving you more options to choose from.
  • Finally, it’s important to remember who the photographs are for… They are for your audience and how they see you.

The best thing, of course, is to just book a call with me and have a chat to see if I’m a good fit to be your photographer.

Airbrushing is a term used for the retouching of photographs before the digital age! Often associated with the ‘cover girl’ magazine whereby a model has been made to look thinner or the smoothing of the skin. Today retouching is more commonly done through computer software such as Photoshop.

I check and edit every photograph that you receive to ensure the highest possible quality. This may include:

  • Cropping or straightening the photograph
  • Correcting any colour imbalances
  • Conversions to/from colour and black & white photographs.
  • Adjustments to shadows & highlights
  •  If requested and wherever possible, I’ll also remove blemishes from close up portraits but keep them as naturally as possible.

Basic retouching doesn’t include manipulation of body shape or removal of permanent features. E.g. Tattoos, birthmarks, scars, etc. This would be charged as an extra service, however would be discussed and agreed upon prior to the shoot or any editing.

Yes of course! I work with a number of expert hair and makeup stylists and I can arrange these for you if requested.

I offer studio-based sessions at my headshot studio in Welling, Bexley Kent. With easy access to the A2, off-road parking and a short walk from rail & bus routes.

As well as the studio I provide location-based headshots or a combination of both depending on what your needs are.

I’ve portable studio and lighting equipment that’s very quick to set up if needed and all would be worked out and discussed with you during your consultation. 

The majority of my clients are based in London, Kent and the South East. However, I can and have travelled nationally if required.

In its simplest terms; you should wear what you are most comfortable in!

To be more accurate, it all depends on what you need and the purpose of your shoot.

Once you book a session I’ll provide you with a free guide on what to wear for your headshot, personal branding and portrait sessions. We also cover this as part of your consultation and planning stage. And although the guidelines are useful, it would still come down to your needs on an individual basis.

Everyone is different and has different requirements and in all cases, I’m here to help you be fully prepared and comfortable before we even start the photo session.

Yes. I’m also a Supporting Artiste (Extra for TV and film) so have first-hand experience working with those in the performing arts and understand the standards required for a great headshot – You can learn more in this Headshot article 

I provide several price points for your needs. From a quick 30 minute session to update your LinkedIn profile to more detailed sessions for branding or performing artist portfolios – You can find up-to-date pricing here: [Headshot Pricing]

The number and style of your photographs will depend on your needs. All options include:

  • Professionally retouched /Colour correction / Black & White copies Included.
  • Hi-Res Print Quality and Web optimised versions for social media.
  • My tips on how to prepare.
  • Full Commercial & perpetual, worldwide commercial usage license – Copy, Modify, Print, Distribute, Edit, and Repurpose with no restrictions.
  • Additional images are available to purchase directly from a secure gallery.

Graham Baker Photography Studio

Take a few moments to have a “360 virtual look around” my photography studio based in Welling (DA16) Bexley.

Headshot Photography Case Study

A relaxed headshot photography session combining the studio with on-location options.

x14 on Linkedin

A LinkedIn profile will typically get 14 more views, at first glance where a professionally taken headshot has been used. And 36 times more likely to receive a direct message

35% more connection

A marketing study in 2011 indicated that prospective clients were 35% more likely to connect with businesses using authentic images versus the use of Stock images.


Coprporate Headshots and Team Headshot Photography

Corporate headshots for business teams, organizations & groups.

Business & Corporate Teams

  • Director / Executive CEO Headshots
  • Board
  • Staff Headshots
  • Individuals, groups/teams photography

Non-Business Teams

  • Sports Teams
  • Performing Artists / Theatre Productions
  • Event coverage

Daily/Half-day rates & hourly rate options are available and fully customisable to suit your organisational requirements. 

Get in touch with your requirements (numbers and location) for pricing details and quotes.


Business & Corporate Teams

It’s not just entrepreneurs, corporate and business professionals who I provide headshot photography to. I also work very closely with Actors, Actresses, models and performing artists.

Would you also believe I’m a Supporting Artiste (Background Extra for TV & film). It means have experience of what performing artists go through, and how hard they work and what’s expected of them. I also get to learn a lot about the film and TV industry, so I understand how important a great headshot is for casting directors.

What my clients say...

Headshot Photography

“I was a little bit nervous about having my picture taken but Graham very quickly made me feel at ease and relaxed…”


“…I have a selection of great headshots for marketing my brand. Overall, would highly recommend it if you are an entrepreneur looking for a professional portrait.”

Headshot Photography

“…If you are looking for a photographer who will make you feel relaxed and comfortable and make your images fit with your brand then Graham is your man.”

You’re a purpose-driven professional & understand how important a good first impression is to your reputation. Showcasing your authenticity with a dynamic headshot is a key element in how you’re perceived as a professional when it comes to attracting your ideal clients.



Schedule a call.

You can fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page. You can also check my availability (also below) and schedule a no-obligation call with me at a time convenient to you, by requesting a call back.


We’ll discuss your profession, who your ideal audience is & how you’re going to use your new headshots in the way you wish to be portrayed. I’ll cover any questions or concerns that you have so you can decide if I’m the best fit for what you need.

Book your session.

Only when you’re happy, we can book your shoot in and I’ll send you details on how to prepare & some suggestions on what to wear so you get the best out of your headshot session.


Enjoy the session without fear & we get you the shots you’re proud of. Download & start using your new headshots. I look forward to seeing them put to good use!


Still unsure if a professional headshot photography session is the right visual asset for your business at this time?

Why not show your audience you have the confidence to get out from behind your business & stand out with a professional headshot

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