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I Know What You’re Thinking…

Not another boring about me bio page just like all the other photographers out there, telling you how "passionate" they are about photography!

…that’s not what you’re here about, is it?

You’re here because you want to know if I’m the best photographer to help you with your visual content.


If you’re like me, you’ll appreciate the effort that goes into finding dependable services. You value genuine experiences; and above all, you want the best for you and your business, brand or portfolio!

The problem though is there are literally millions of photographers & videographers to choose from and just about every one of them has different styles, prices, services, abilities, promises and experiences.

And with pretty much everyone on the planet owning a camera these days, how do you go about finding who’s the right photographer for you?

Why me, why not?

You’re dedicated and driven; you put in the hours and make sacrifices every day to be successful in what you do. 

I get it because I’m the same. I’m a full-time professional photographer running a business and it can be hard work.

You don’t want to be awake at night worrying about if you’ve enough clients. You want to be able to make a fair living so that you can enjoy nice things and afford quality time with your family. So of course I understand how passionate you feel about whatever it is you do.

And just like you, I want to attract and work with the kind of people that feel the same way too.

We may have different professions, but we’re still working towards achieving our goals and with that in mind, you’ll want someone, authentic, focused and has a proven record of providing a professional service for what you need.

For example, if you’re nervous in front of the camera or hate seeing yourself in a photo or on video (don’t worry you’re not alone – I’m one of them!), then you’ll want someone that’s friendly, listens to your needs and can coach you through the process with confidence.

You’ll need someone you can trust to understand your pain points and be qualified to create consistently high-quality imagery that’s right for you and the audience you want to connect with. 

My promise is to ensure that you remember how you much enjoyed working with me; just as much as receiving and using your new visual content.

Qualified Photographer with the Guild of Photography - Graham Baker Photography
Qualified with The Guild of Photographers
Qualified Photographer with The Societies of Photographers - SWPP - Graham Baker Photography
Qualified with The Societies of Photographers
Rated 5 Stars on Google Maps
130+ Positive Reviews on Google

Authentic Approach

About Graham Baker Photography Kent Business and Brand Photographer

“I approach my work with the ethos that photography & video is more than just turning up, pointing and shooting. It’s about being dependable, connecting with people, understanding your story brand and building trust.

It’s about understanding light, composition, colour and style; it’s about understanding equipment and its capabilities to create or extend your vision.

Ultimately, it’s about sharing your story and creating imagery that is consistent and on-brand for you and your audience”

Acquisition International 2023 Business Excellence Award - Best Business & Brand Photographer - Graham Baker Photography
Acquisition International 2024 Best Business & Brand Photographer
Best Business & Brand Photographer 2023
Greater London Enterprise Best Business & Brand Photographer 2023
Acquisition International 2023 Business Excellence Award - Best Business & Brand Photographer - Graham Baker Photography
Acquisition International 2023 Best Business & Brand Photographer
The LUXLife Magazine Global Excellence Awards for Best Business & Brand Photographer in 2022
LuxLife Magazine Best Business & Brand Photographer 2022
#SBS Winner Graham Baker Photography - Small Business Saturday
#SBS Small Business Sunday Winner November 2022
Best Business Brand & Headshot Photographer 2020 - Graham Baker Photography
Southern Enterprise Best Business Brand & Headshot Photographer 2020
Bexley Business Awards – Finalist Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 - Graham Baker Photography
Finalist - Bexley Business Entrepreneur of the year 2020
Bexley Business Excellence Awards Business Entrepreneur Finalist 2019 Graham Baker Photography
Finalist - Bexley Business Entrepreneur of the year 2019

“…We read all about Graham on his website an instantly felt he could be the right fit for us…”

“…I was lost for words when the photos came through. They surpassed all my expectations and have allowed me to move forward rapidly to the next phase of promoting my business and feeling so much more confident about the image that I am putting out into the public arena. 

I cannot recommend Graham Baker Photography enough. The proof is in the pudding!”


“…Use him now before he becomes a world famous photographer!”


“…would highly recommend if you are an entrepreneur looking for a professional portrait…”

“…I did feel nervous at the start of the session but Graham was great and immediately put me at ease, talking me through each stage. He is very calm, friendly and approachable and great to work with, always checking in with me to make sure I was ok. I received my final images from Graham within the advised time frame and they are fantastic. 

They are exactly what we were wanting to achieve and I am so pleased with them. I have so many images to choose from and I can’t wait to get them on my new website and also start using them on social media. They are really going to help promote me and my business and the style of the images have really allowed my personal branding to shine through.

I highly recommend Graham to anyone who is looking to get professional branded photographs done for themselves and their business. It was an absolute pleasure working with him…”



OK, a few quickfire loves, values, likes and thoughts (of my own and from my family & friends) that make up the ingredients of me…

Family and friends come first.

I don’t watch the news or read newspapers, yet I still know what’s going on in the world!

Strong Belgium beers & dark chocolate are a very good way to bribe me!

I don’t watch reality shows. Real-life is so much more interesting!

Always setting intentionally high standards for myself and being watchful of the details; organised, dependable and adaptable.

Humility, loyalty and honesty are what I respect most in a person.

Sci-fi Movie Geek, but still happy to watch ‘Love Actually’ with the Mrs!

Stoicism for modern life.  

17 Years as a MET Police Officer taught me about the positives and negatives of human nature

I run for my mindset as much as it is for my fitness.

Strive to be thoughtful and take the time to understand your needs.

Anything and everything to do with photography, video and growing businesses.

If you don’t take care of yourself first, you’ve nothing to give the ones you love.

Read my story about StrongMen.Org.UK

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