Financial Advisor Branding with Authentic Photography: A Case Study with Greg Miller

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Financial Advisor Brand Photography Case Study

In the competitive world of financial advisory, standing out is crucial. Greg Miller, Financial Management, realised the importance of authenticity in his marketing efforts. Greg wanted to move away from the usual financial stock images (often considered dull and intimidating) and bring a more personal touch to his brand.

In this case study, we explore how we approached the project and highlight the potential for the financial sector to benefit from genuine photography.

Meet Greg Miller - Financial Advisor

St Jame's Place Financial Advisor Brand Photography Case Study​

“My business is Greg Miller Financial Management, and I’m a partner of St James’s Place Wealth Management. I’ve always been in the business of helping people. Before being a financial advisor, I was a professional golfer, and I used to help clients with their golf swing! Now, I do that with clients who need help with financial problems and help them plan for the future with Pension advice, Investments and financial protection. 

The Challenge: Marketing in the Financial Sector

“It’s an industry where a lot of it tends to be about numbers and stats, and a lot of it is quite boring for people to read.”

“I mean, there are certain posts I’ve written myself, and I think everyone needs to know this, and then it gets no engagement because it’s not got an image to go along with it.”

While the financial industry is diverse, it’s sometimes known for having a more conservative marketing approach. Some would say “A bit boring”! Advisors who have been in the industry for a long time often rely on more traditional marketing methods and depend on an established client base.

However, for younger advisors in the industry, finding ways to stand out and reach potential clients can be a significant challenge.

“Advisers that have been doing the job for many years don’t do as much marketing as they tend to have larger client bases (developed over the years), so they don’t need to market as much. It’s more in the younger people entering the industry where it’s getting competitive.”


“I had seen a lot of your work before and was impressed by what you had done with people in similar industries. I felt conveying a more personal approach to my marketing was important. While I do post regularly on social media, most of it consists of generic stock images like piggy banks, money, spreadsheets, charts illustrating financial concepts and all that kind of stuff. None of it truly reflected my personality or conveyed authenticity. That’s why it was crucial to have more authentic images rather than relying solely on generic stock photos.”

“Some images you captured during meetings with clients or potential clients provide a glimpse into these interactions. People viewing my LinkedIn profile or other platforms may have yet to learn what a financial meeting looks like in real life.”

“I wanted clients to see a more real, hands-on approach to financial advising. Many people are apprehensive about seeking financial advice. Showing these images helps demystify the process and makes it seem less intimidating and more relaxed.”

Many potential clients need more time to approach or work with a financial advisor. This is particularly true for those who have never sought financial advice before. They often worry about how daunting the process might be. Many individuals have previously avoided seeking advice and buried their financial concerns for years. Only when they finally seek advice do they realise they could have made more informed financial decisions earlier, which could have significantly impacted their financial situation.

Authentic images allow clients to visualise what it’s like to work with a business, making the process less intimidating. This marketing approach humanises your business, helping clients feel more comfortable and engaged.

Why Hire a Photographer?

“You had a lot of good ideas and a lot of ways where you think more about how the pictures will be used rather than just taking them and then letting the person use them how they want or without a plan.”

The Photoshoot

The photography session was carefully planned before the day, starting with rooftop shots (St. James’s Place Wealth Management London) with the iconic London skyline as a backdrop. Capturing various photos, from headshots to images of Greg in a working environment, during client meetings and even some fun shots! Each setting and pose served a purpose in telling Greg’s story.

“The whole day flowed quite well. It was all thought out the way it was meant to flow.”

Working Stock Image photos of Financial Advisor working in an office

Effective Use

“I have a plan where I’ve been writing notes on my phone and already got several posts pre-written and can match up the posts with the right images. So I’ve got a lot of stuff planned over the coming months. I wanted to put them all out slowly and reuse them in different ways.”

It’s essential to have a plan when using your images. Many people hire photographers but still need to figure out what to do with the photos once they have them. Having a plan is essential. It also ensures you’re getting the best value from the photography. You can use the same images by repurposing them into different posts repeatedly. It’s never a case of just using a single photo once.

The timing and context of the images also play a part in the planning. For example, photos we took outside the Bank of England will be saved for future events like budget announcements or changes in interest rates.

Financial advice about not gambling your money
Financial Advice - Don't Gamble your Money - Invest it properly
Wallet Overflowing with Money - Financial Advisor

Final thoughts

“Unless people are that interested in their own finances, then you tend to not get many people reading the blogs you write. Having images that make a post more approachable helps a lot when trying to get a point across.”

“I’d encourage anyone in similar Industries to get professional photographs, especially if they’ve got their own businesses. Especially taken by someone like yourself who’s not only just going to turn up and take pictures on the day but will plan everything beforehand and have their own ideas, like the ones with myself and the dice. Showing the gambling aspect of finance that I would never have thought of myself. I’ve not really seen anyone else doing that.”

“So thank you very much.”

Financial advisors can humanise their services by investing in professional photography, connecting with clients personally, and ultimately standing out in a competitive market. As the financial world continues to evolve, authentic imagery can help change the perception of an industry often seen as “boring” into one that is relatable and engaging.

Greg Miller Financial Management

What my clients say...

Recently had a branding shoot for my business with Graham in Lombard Street, London. The attention to detail and the planning that went into the shoot was second to none. Graham had so many great ideas that made the shoot unique to me and my marketing goals for my business and didn't leave any stone unturned. Would highly recommend Graham for any photography needs.

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