Elaine Evans Beautician Brand & Headshot Photography Session

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Elaine Evans Beautician Headshots & Branding Photography Session

Elaine Evans Beautician Behind the Scenes & Headshot Photography Session

Elaine Evans is an experienced Beautician based in Tenterden in Kent and was looking to update her website with real imagery rather than using stock photography and create a library of images for her social media content too.

Did you know a study in 2011 showed that prospective clients were 35% likely to engage and follow up when presented with the non-stock images!

We also created a short promotional video & interview of Elaine talking about her purpose and how she helps her clients.

With many years in the beauty industry starting out by being trained with Elizabeth Arden at their factory in East Acton and eventually working at their prestigious high-end salon in Bond Street (London). Servicing a wide variety of clients, including some very well known celebrities. (We cannot share due to non-disclosure agreements of course!)

While Elaine enjoyed working in Bond Street, Elaine felt that the best experience for the client was a more personalised approach and being able to give more time to her clients.

Now working independently from home, as well as training with OPI and Colour Me Beautiful, she can offer a much more complete ‘person-centric’ service from colour advice, style, makeup as well as pedicures, manicures and other treatments.

Elaine Evans Beautician Behind the Scenes & Headshot Photography Session

“I just enjoy doing that because I like helping people who have low self-esteem. You know, we all see ourselves differently. I try to get people to look at themselves from how other people might see them, rather than how they see themselves.”

“I feel happy when they walk out and they feel refreshed, their makeup, maybe done and have a different view of themselves and walk out with a spring in their step. So a completely different way to how they walked in. And that’s what drives me forward actually.”

Elaine Evans Beautician Behind the Scenes & Headshot Photography Session

Elaine explained that it’s more than just helping people improve their skin conditions. It’s more about the entire look and feel for the client, encouraging them to be themselves when they work with her is a big part of how she works.

Elaine follows strict safety guidelines and has had training and certification around COVID restrictions and is able to work safely and can guarantee a safe environment. As well as only seeing a maximum of 2 clients a day, not only for safety but to allow more personal attention to whatever treatment they’ve come for.

Elaine Evans Beautician Behind the Scenes & Headshot Photography Session
“Graham is a fantastic Brand Photographer. I was a little apprehensive before having the Headshots and Business Video done, as I had tried somewhere else previously, but Graham’s total professionalism was apparent immediately.

He knows what he is doing and therefore one feels totally at ease. The results we achieved were stunning! I am going to use the images to promote my business on my website and on social media. It is already having an amazing impact. I recommended Graham Baker Photography without any hesitation.”

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