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Graham Baker Photography

Graham Baker Photography

Brand Photography Session for Professional Osteopath Jasmine – JOsteopathy

Jasmine is a highly qualified Osteopath with some very unique specialisations. She spoke in-depth about her business and brand values with me during her brand photography & behind-the-scenes photography session recently. Please take the time to read as there are some fascinating insights into building a business, mindset and following what you love.

Behind the scenes Photography session with Kent Osteopath

What inspired you to start JOsteopathy?

“When I was at school I was always interested in having a career in healthcare. When I was 16 my mum injured her back at work. She went to her GP who gave her painkillers but these did not help.

That is when she decided to go to an osteopath.  At this point, I did not have a clue about osteopathy! At a guess, I thought it was just to do with bones, but in fact, I found out osteopaths consider all structures in the body.  My mum had a few treatments and I went with her to observe.  I thought it was so cool being an osteopath, as you are basically a detective figuring out what is causing the pain.  They don’t just look at current symptoms, but also lifestyle factors/health conditions/past injuries.  He also looked at the whole body and explained how one area of the body can compensate and cause pain in other areas. I loved the way osteopaths approach pain management and seeing how osteopathy improved my mum I decided to pursue a career in osteopathy. 

After I completed school I went to university to study osteopathy.  During my second year, a highly successful animal osteopath came and did a talk at my university.  I was fascinated by his stories, and this inspired me to do post-graduate courses in canine and equine osteopathy. I started JOsteopathy in 2016 when I graduated from Uni.  I was working as an associate in a few different clinics and I thought it would be great to start up my own business by doing home visits for people. When I completed my first animal course in 2017 I decided to create my brand and incorporate both my people and animal work, and this I would say is when JOsteopathy truly began.”

Behind the scenes Photography session with Kent Osteopath

What’s unique about you & JOsteopathy?

“Treating dogs and horses as an osteopath is unique not a lot of osteopaths do this. I currently provide home/yard visits for the animals, which is a lot of animals prefer in comparison to a veterinary setting. I also do some voluntary work at Foal Farm rescue Centre in Biggin Hill by providing osteopathy treatment for some of the dogs.

I also provide home visits for people and it allows those who originally aren’t able to access a clinic to have the opportunity to have treatment, as I feel it is important that everyone has the right to access healthcare. I also conduct thorough medical case histories in the initial consultation, something that many patients have told me they have not experienced with previous osteopaths/chiropractors/physiotherapists. 

The reason why I do this is that I want to understand you as a whole person, as this can affect your treatment plan. It also means I’m a safe practitioner as sometimes other health problems can occur, and by me asking further questions and doing certain tests I can write an effective referral letter to your GP to help you get further tests. I was fortunate at university to be taught some specialist skills – including techniques on the jaw, visceral osteopathy (working on the abdomen), and neurodynamic techniques (a specific way to treat nerve pain that is not taught at most uni’s.

I love being creative, and osteopathy allows me to think outside the box which helps me to be holistic, for example, neck and shoulder pain can cause jaw dysfunction, and back pain can be triggered by tightness in certain abdominal structures. “

Behind the scenes Photography session with Kent Osteopath

What do you love about your work?

“I like treating any person or animal. If I had to choose one type of person it is someone who is focusing so much on everyone else they forget about their own health. I like to make them aware how important it is to prioritise looking after themselves as if they aren’t healthy how can they look after anyone else? I love to see them develop as a person once they adopt positive health behaviours, and see them enjoy a quality of life again.

I really enjoy treating elderly animals – as I have elderly dogs myself. Although elderly dogs need maintenance treatment it is great to see them more comfortable moving around, and often I have had owners tell me their pet is like a youngster again!”

Behind the scenes Photography session with Kent Osteopath

What are you working towards? Future goals?

“My main goal is to raise awareness and educate people about animal osteopathy. A lot of my human clients didn’t know animal osteopathy exists. Osteopathy is a great alternative to treating pains and lameness in animals. It is a legal requirement for osteopaths to gain vet consent, and I will always report back to the vet if anything needs to be investigated, so you know your animal will be in safe hands.

My long-term goal is to have a room (or two) where I can treat people and dogs. I would aim to create a clean, professional, yet homely environment to put the dogs at ease.”

Behind the scenes Photography session with Kent Osteopath

What have you help your clients/what do they get?

“I encourage the client to have an active role during their treatment as I have found this improves your pain management long-term.

I want to understand why you have come in for treatment, not just your symptoms. I will listen to you, and I want to find out your treatment goals and what activities you would like to return to.

I will take a thorough case history and physical assessment on the first session to ensure we take everything into consideration and that all your questions can be answered. I also tailor your treatment to suit you and adjust it as needed. We will look at ways for you to adapt and have a healthier lifestyle which will help prevent future pain episodes.

I want you to feel as comfortable as possible, and you can ask me questions at any point during your consultation, and you can contact me between appointments if you need further advice. All of these things also apply to animal osteopathy, and I will make sure both animal and owner are comfortable. I will also encourage the owner to get involved with rehab advice for their animal.”

What’s your top advice to someone who needs an osteopath?

“An osteopath is a registered profession, therefore it is illegal for anyone to call themselves an osteopath unless they are fully qualified and registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC). Before booking with an osteopath check they are registered by going on the GOsC website.

Different osteopaths have different methods of treatment (gentle or strong), so I recommend you to call the osteopath before booking an appointment to make sure you feel comfortable and have any queries answered.

If you are looking for an appointment for something specific e.g. a baby or pet, I highly recommend you to find someone who has had extra training in this field. E.g. a paediatric osteopath specialises in babies. This information will be on their website.

Most important thing is that you feel comfortable with your osteopath and that they listen to you during your appointment. “

Editorial Photography session with Kent based Animal Osteopath

How will you use your new brand images?

“I need to make new leaflets, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to use these photos to make a series of leaflets used for each target market.  I’m also going to use the photos on my website and it is giving me some inspiration for ideas on social media content creation.”

What did you learn working with Graham Baker photography?

I’ve learnt the importance of putting my face and identity into my brand and keeping the branding/imaging consistent with high-quality visuals.

I’ve also learnt that Brand Photography is not just about taking photos, but is also about offering support and advice on how to apply the photos onto websites, leaflets etc.   Graham has also given me advice on how to use and create more social media/website content more effectively.

So, what’s Graham like to work with as a person?

“I was very nervous about having my photo taken, but Graham is very friendly and made me feel at ease straight away.  He has such a passion for what he does and is so creative with lots of ideas to help me develop JOsteopathy.

Graham is very good at listening to your needs and gave me confidence in putting my face in the brand. 

Here’s an example – I had a few negative experiences in my career where the client saw me face-to-face (before we even started the consultation) and didn’t believe I was the osteopath and demanded to see my qualification/registration as proof.  I’ve been told it’s because I ‘look too young and petite’, so I was worried people would judge me and not book in with me in the first place because of this.

Graham made me realise that the vast majority of people do not think this way and there is no point on focusing on the negativity; they aren’t worth your time.  I’ve got to be there for all of my clients that have supported me and I’ll show confidence that – Yes, I am helping loads of people and animals feel better and improve their quality of life.“

Is there anyone you would like to mention or thank?

I’d like to thank my mum for introducing me to osteopathy in the first place, without her I would have never become an osteopath.  I would like to thank the rest of my family and loved ones for all the support they have given me throughout my training and developing my business.

I’d also like to thank my osteopathy classmates from university – we were a very small class so became very close, you made the journey so much more fun and you all gave me the confidence in becoming a qualified osteopath.

Finally, I would like to thank Graham Baker Photography,  I’ve been meaning to get photos done for years and could never find the right person until now.  Graham has been amazing throughout the whole process and I can’t fault him at all.

Behind the scenes Photography session with Kent Osteopath
"I was looking to update my business website with new photos, and professional headshots that can be used on my profile. I am an osteopath (for humans and animals), and chose Graham because of his experience working with other healthcare businesses and his emphasis on personal brand photography. I was very nervous about the photoshoot, however Graham put me at ease straight away and I really enjoyed the shoot, we had a great laugh! He made sure the photos were personal to my business by asking me lots of questions about my consultation process from beginning to end. Collectively all the pictures created a story, to enable potential clients to get a better understanding of what I do.

I was really impressed with the quality of the pictures and how natural the photos look, it really exceeded my expectations! I have been able to use the pictures for my website to create my business story, as well as creating new content and posts for social media. Graham has continued to support and offer advice since our original shoot, and he even let me be a guest speaker on his podcast (which I would recommend listening to) I would recommend Graham to anyone – he was so good that he is now our family wedding photographer too!"

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