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Alpha Health Osteopath Clinic Brand shoot

Alpha Health Osteopathy in Welling Brand Photography

Client interview and brand photography session with Will & Ross about their Osteopath clinic Alpha Health Based in Welling (London Borough of Bexley), Providing manual therapy to help prevent and treat your aches and pains

They also share their premises with Baker & Bennel Podiatry too (So of course I took a few headshots for them too!)

So, What’s Alpha Health about?

ROSS: “Alpha Health is an osteopathy clinic owned by us two, and we aim to be the people that make you able to do what you wanna do in life.”

WILL: “I would say that Alpha Health is a clinic where we focus on your health and well-being and tailor it to your lifestyle and where you want to be as a person. personally or professionally.”

Alpha Health Osteopathy in Welling Brand Photography
What does it take to become an Osteopath?

WILL: “I trained at the British School of Osteopathy, which is now the University College of Osteopathy. And it was a four-years integrated Master’s course. And I wanted to become an osteopath ’cause I wanted to get into health care in some way, and this seemed to fit with my lifestyle and my ambitions.”

ROSS: “So yeah, it’s a four-year integrated Master’s course that I did straight out of school. And the reason I started was just for sports injuries, myself. I’d gone to see an osteopath, who then suggested it might have been a good idea to look into studying, and then sort of just went from there.”

What makes Alpha Health unique?

ROSS: “I think the large part of the thing that makes us stand out is our ability with rehab. Not too many osteopaths are fantastic at rehab, and I feel like it’s an area where we really excel in terms of giving exercises to complement the treatments that we give, that are gonna sort of help, basically, enhance the improvements we make during our appointments.”

WILL: “I feel that we stand out because of our clinic and our environment that we’ve created here, to provide the best possible situation or place for patients to come and have treatment, as well as being up-to-date and fairly recently graduated, but with enough experience over the last six years of treating patients.”

What are the main treatments at Alpha Health?

ROSS: “So obviously, being an osteopathy clinic, the main therapy is osteopathy. We do sports massage as well, although, to be fair, we’re kind of melding all of these treatment modalities together, as well, general treatment. But osteopathy will include manual therapy-type techniques where we’re just moving joints, some manipulator techniques where we might do a couple of clicks or pops, and then also including exercising afterwards.”

WILL: “For me, the main therapy types we use here are manual therapy methods, which do include articulation or mobilisation of joints, soft tissue therapy, so massage, etc, from there, as well as manipulation, we do include some sports massage and deep tissue-type treatments, where we focus on incorporating the manual therapy type of treatment, as well as the home-based rehabilitation-type treatment too.”

Alpha Health Osteopathy in Welling Brand Photography
So what’s your purpose?

ROSS: “To, basically, help anyone that’s suffering with any kind of aches, pains, immobilities, anything like that, help them get to where they wanna be in life, in terms of physical activity.”

WILL: “My purpose is, as an osteopath, to try and promote health and well-being through the local community and the local population, regardless of lifestyle or situation.”

Why do you love what you do?

ROSS: “I think it’s the reaction I get out of patients when they can suddenly do something that they couldn’t do before. It’s a great feeling, to be able to give someone the ability to do even the simplest things, like reach up into a cupboard and take something out that they couldn’t do before. That’s one of the things I really enjoy about the job.”

WILL: “Same thing for me, I would say my purpose, as an osteopath, mimics Ross’s, essentially, is that idea, that feeling you get when a patient comes in struggling to walk, or is unsure about what is causing their pain, and trying to give them answers, give them a reason behind it, and hopefully, also, giving them relief from their symptoms, in both the short and the long term.”

ROSS: “Yeah, they come in worried, a lot of the time, and seeing them, sort of, that worry about what’s going on, whether it’s something that’s gonna permanently debilitate them, some people think, and being able to calm them down in that sense, is something I really enjoy as well, ’cause, obviously, you see people stressed out, feeling very uncomfortable, and then, by the end of the treatment, quite a lot of the time, they sort of understand what’s going on and feel better because of the understanding, and that’s another part of the job that’s just great.”

Alpha Health Osteopathy in Welling Brand Photography
How have I (Graham Baker Photography) helped you?

ROSS: “You’ve helped us in terms of understanding what we need to do to get ourselves out there a bit better. Which is something that we’re not great at, in general, I don’t think we’re particularly great with the marketing, advertising side of thing. And I think doing this has made me understand the value of that, but also how to do it a little bit better. So, that’s one thing I’ve learned.”

WILL: “I think it just is inspiring confidence in ourselves that we can market and advertise. There’s no reason why we can’t stand out from other people and promote ourselves as a business. But it’s also helped, I don’t know about Ross, but for me, it’s helped look within about things that I can do to try and make the business better, to then try and portray it across, whether that’s pictures or videos or some sort of advertising campaign, differently.”

ROSS: “Yeah, this is the first real thing we’ve done like this isn’t it?

WILL: “Yeah”

ROSS: “It’s something that probably should’ve been done when we started.”

WILL: “Yeah I’d say so.”

How important is it to have quality visual content for your business?

ROSS: “Good visual content is everything. With the recent sort of burst in social media, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, is where the majority of people consume their information these days. And it’s all, pretty much, visual basis, at least to a certain degree. Things like Instagram more so and YouTube more so. So I think, from that point of view, it’s made us realise how important that is and how useful it can be to open ourselves to a market that we’ve not opened ourselves to via Google adverts or anything like that.”

WILL: “Yeah I think it’s just helping to reach out to several different people in several different ways. Whether that’s through different forms of media, which we hadn’t looked into doing too much, other than the odd time-lapse of some foam rolling! Hahaha!”

"We needed some business photography shots to use on our website and social media for promotion. Graham was really professional and helpful throughout the process and the photos came out really well. The headshots were exactly what we wanted, and the videography(which was Graham's suggestion) is going to be really useful for improving our marketing. Can't recommend Graham enough!"
Alpha Health Osteopathy in Welling Brand Photography
Will & Ross at Alpha Health

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