Photography for Luxury Handcrafted Wicker Basket Business

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Graham Baker Photography

Dee-Lightful Willow. Handcrafted Wicker Baskets in Canterbury

It was lovely being back using BoConcept Canterbury Kent as the location for this lifestyle brand & Product photography session with Dee-Lightful Willow a small family business that specialises in making hand-crafted wicker baskets using traditional Polish methods that have been handed down through generations for over 50 years. 

Brand Photos for Luxury Handcrafted Wicker Basket Business

Not only are they made from natural and sustainable sources that do not harm the environment, but Dee is really passionate about showing her clients that there is a lot more to what most people think of when it comes to the uses of wicker baskets and accessories.

Brand Photos for Luxury Handcrafted Wicker Basket Business

From individual domestic uses to businesses, the wicker baskets are not just something decorative for you to put next to the fireplace to keep your kindling and wood in, there are plenty of other uses and benefits too.

From table decorations and centrepieces for events businesses and weddings to flower arrangements for gifts or beautiful displays for florist businesses. From traditional  Picnic baskets to home storage options and even traditional Christmas decorations. You start to realise the versatility of the humble basket.

Brand Photos for Luxury Handcrafted Wicker Basket Business

Planning for the shoot we started off by creating a collaborative mood board via Pinterest that we could both work on together, adding ideas for inspiration as well as to keep us on track with Dee’s brand. 

On the day of the photoshoot, we then used the mood board as a reference and shoot plan while we had a lot of fun setting up different “product” displays of her wicker baskets. Showing them being used in multiple ways. 

The shoot also involved several business lifestyle headshots and personal branding all with the purpose of creating a library of photographs that Dee can now use across her website, social media and marketing materials.

Brand Photos for Luxury Handcrafted Wicker Basket Business

I hope you’ve enjoyed this small selection of photographs we took during the photo session. Many thanks again to BoConcept Canterbury for allowing us to use their beautiful store. It was the perfect environment to showcase Dee’s Wicker Baskets.  

Brand Photos for Luxury Handcrafted Wicker Basket Business

If you’re a small business and would like a way to show your ideal clients what you and your products can do for them or if you need some guidance on using images for your business & brand then I’d love to hear from you.

What Dee said about the project.

"Graham is not only a business photographer he is a friend. He knows I don't like cameras, he knows I stress a lot, but he managed to create the most homely atmosphere. Laugh, jokes mixed with work. Love it.

I love Graham's attitude. Before we started our journey, he made a plan, created a moodboard for my brand and he build a fantastic relationship which made me feel good and relaxed making the actual day of taking photos amazing. Graham is a fantastic brand photographer and human being, he truly is one of the best which shows, through his work, attitude and professionalism. He made me feel comfortable and confident on camera. The whole experience was fun and the photos are amazing. I couldn't say more how happy I am to work with Graham."

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