360 Virtual Airbnb Tour – The Cabin By the Beach Whitsable Kent

Graham Baker Photography

Graham Baker Photography

360-Degree Virtual Airbnb Tour Photography Kent

This is a virtual Airbnb tour of the “Cabin at the beach” in Whitstable Kent. A beautiful self-contained cabin for hire, perfect for holiday getaways on the Kent coast.

When the COVID pandemic affected the owner/host’s bookings they wanted a way to showcase the cabin in a way that their clients could feel what it was like to actually stay. The idea of creating a 360 virtual tour would be an innovative way for Airbnb to stand out from others and increase engagement with potential clients online.

360 Virtual Tour users have full 360-degree tour access to the cabin and the freedom to look where they want and get a feel of the property if they booked a stay here. 

Interactive information points were created to create more details about what to expect. In this example, one of the information hotspots contains a gallery and slideshow of regular property photography too within the tour. 

The kind you might find on an Airbnb website or a property lettings page.

360-Degree Virtual Airbnb Tour & Property Photography Kent​

However in the case of this virtual Airbnb tour, we have the best of both worlds, of using regular photography within the tour itself and creating a more immersive and engaging experience than a regular Airbnb listing.

Do you want to take your Airbnb or rental property listing to a new level with 360 virtual photography?

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