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Thaloria Quest Adventure Journal - Kickstarter Video Project

Being a secret geek and having enjoyed role-playing books – From my childhood memories reading the likes of the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks by Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson, as well as more advanced tabletop Dungeons and Dragon games and Pathfinder. It was an immediate “yes” when Jason, the founder of Ocular Oddities Publishing and creator of the Thaloria Quest Adventure Journal, approached me to produce video and photography for a Kickstarter campaign to generate investment and interest in the journal.

If you’ve worked with me or have seen my social media posts, you may also know that I’m an advocate of good mental health. I was impressed by how Jason had “gamified” the process of journaling (known to help with mental health), achieving daily tasks, and setting goals by combining his love of fantasy & tabletop gaming with the structure of a journal. In his words, it’s a fun way to stay on top of boring to-do lists!

Thaloria Quest Kickstarter Launch Video

I can’t take credit for the video editing, as this was completed by the excellent Ellie Stavrou, who was already on board the project before I started. I produced all the main footage and B-roll, though!


Of course, I’m going to be slightly biased when it comes to my video or photography work. The filming and resulting video are extra special for me, seeing that Sydney is also my daughter! Sorry, not sorry for the proud dad moment!

Early in the project, while discussing and planning the video production phase, we discussed having an actress perform the voiceover. Seeing as my daughter is studying Drama, I put her name in the hat; after an interview/audition she got the job!

Product Photography

The project wasn’t just about video footage; I was also commissioned to produce product photograph of the journal and all the extras and accessories that come with or can be added to the journal experience.

Thaloria Quest Adventure Journal
Thaloria Quest Product Photos

The Outtakes!

When I talk to anyone about being able to discuss their project, they can talk about it with passion and be totally relaxed. Very often their enthusiasm will shine through naturally.

Then I turn the camera on! 😳

Trust me, it’s not easy if you’re not used to talking to the camera – Yes, there are some naturals out there, but more often than not, it takes practice, a little coaching, and of course, it can be fun to make a bloopers reel, too! 

Jason's outtake video

Sydney's outtake video

What my clients say!

Launching a successful Kickstarter campaign requires compelling visuals that capture the essence of the project and attract backers. Understanding this, we turned to Graham Baker Photography for professional video production and photography services. Our goal was to create engaging content that highlighted the unique features of our product, and Graham delivered exactly what we needed.

From the outset, working with Graham was an absolute pleasure. He brought a level of professionalism and expertise that made the entire process smooth and enjoyable. Graham was not only helpful in setting up and executing the shoots but also proactive in suggesting creative ideas that aligned perfectly with our vision.

The results were nothing short of fantastic. The quality of the video and photos was exceptional, providing us with stunning visuals that resonated well with our audience and significantly boosted our Kickstarter campaign’s appeal. Graham’s keen eye for detail and his ability to capture the perfect moment truly brought our product to life.

Looking forward, the professional imagery and video produced by Graham Baker Photography have set a high standard for our brand’s presentation. This not only benefits our current Kickstarter campaign but also enhances our overall marketing strategy. The visual content has increased our project’s visibility and credibility, helping to attract more backers and build a stronger online presence.

We are incredibly grateful to Graham for his outstanding work and would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for top-notch video production and photography. His contribution has been invaluable, and we look forward to future collaborations.
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Creator of Thaloria Quest

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