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Luxury Holiday Lodge Construction Project in Wales

Client case study with YourRetreats, a leading UK-based holiday lodge & park home manufacturer

I’ve worked with the talented Nikki (NDH Productions) several times before, first meeting several years ago on a collaboration project with a mutual client. So when the opportunity came up to work together again, it made total sense, as we already knew how to support each other and present a cohesive team to the client and a consistent, high-quality result.

Not only that. We got to work on location at the beautiful Meadow Springs Country & Leisure Park, located in the scenic Trannon Valley of Mid Wales.

Drone image of Meadow Springs Country and Leisure Park - Trannon Valley of Mid Wales- Image Copyright Graham Baker Photography
Aerial photo of Meadow Springs Country and Leisure Park - Just a part of this beautiful 40 acre site

The brief

The brief was to create photography and video content across approximately 2 days of shooting to follow the early stages of installing a new luxury lodge, from delivery to the initial build stage. We would return once the lodge was fully complete and fully furnished for the end user. The result is that they would have an entire library of visual content that can be used and repurposed for their marketing and social media needs.

To achieve this, we incorporated various multi-media techniques to tell the story, including behind-the-scenes photography, Video interviews, Drone footage, timelapse and hyper-lapse video, and 360 virtual tour photography

The Shoot

While trying not to fall into the stereotypical “Welsh Weather” belief – Despite what people think, it doesn’t always rain in Wales. That said, the project was during the winter months, so there were, of course, some weather challenges.

Wind, rain, mist and sleet will often stop play when it comes to drone flying (Notwithstanding operating camera equipment when you can’t feel your fingers because of the cold). That said, the weather decided to be on our side when we needed it to be across the 2 days – Well, apart from the cold and trying to keep batteries charged!).

Day One

Day 1 consisted of travelling to the location, equipment checks, setting up and location scouting for camera positions and angles that we couldn’t do as part of the pre-production. We also created the establishing shots and footage before the arrival of the first half of the lodge (If you didn’t know, they arrive in 2 sections!).

Being adaptable is a vital part of the work. There are always uncontrollable factors. The trick is not to panic but to prepare and plan as much as possible so that when outside influences (for example, traffic and weather) disrupt the process, you just have to improvise, adapt, and overcome! Always think of the 7 Ps (Google it!).

Behind the Scenes Photography delivery of Luxury Holiday Lodge
Preparing to unload the first half of the holiday lodge on Day 1

As it happened, and by no fault of anyone, it was getting dark when the first section arrived. So, while we couldn’t move the first half onto the standing point (health and safety considerations), everyone pulled together to offload and position the lodge ready to go first thing the next day – I have to say I was impressed with the “all hands on pumps” attitude from the YourRetreats and Meadow Springs teams in coming together to get the job done.  

Day Two

After being put up in a lovely cottage for the night courtesy of the Owner of Meadow Springs, Jonathon, we had to be in position early and ready to track the progress of the first half of the lodge into position, plus prepared to record the delivery of the second half of the lodge – There was a fair bit of juggling resources between myself and Nikki to ensure all angles were covered – We were also fortunate that the day started brightly. The wind was also on our side; albeit brisk, it was still within safe flying parameters. 

Behind the Scenes Photography of construction of Luxury Holiday Lodge
Unloading of the second half of the lodge on the morning of day 2
Amazing Effort & Ethos

The process stepped up a gear at this point. The team was on a tight timeline to get everything ready—no easy task when effectively moving the halves of a house on wheels into the correct position and joining them together!

Drone Photography - Meadow Springs & YourRetreats
Aerial Photography - Meadow Springs & YourRetreats
UAS Photography - Meadow Springs & YourRetreats
UAS Drone Photography - Meadow Springs & YourRetreats

While the process could feel slow, the amount of effort that goes into that time is incredible. Coordinating the 2-halves safely through the park and aligning everything together was impressive! The YourRetreats and Meadow Springs teams worked like maniacs! Compared to their work, it made our job look like we were on holiday! – All we had to do was stay flexible and aware of what was happening to capture as much of the process as possible. And with our fingers crossed that the weather would hold out!

Transporting the holiday lodge to it's new home!
Transporting the 2 halves of holiday lodge to it's new home

Aligning the 2-halves of the holiday lodge together – No easy task!


It was cutting it fine (the weather started to close in) to capture the content YourRetreats needed – Multiple activities were going on simultaneously, making the project impossible to cover by one person. Nikki and I divided our workload and time to cover the brief. 

Construction of Luxury Holiday Lodge
Spirit Level Checks - Construction Photography for Luxury Vacation Lodge in Wales
Final alignment and checks before connecting the lodge together
Visual alignment checks before connecting the holiday lodge together - Construction Photography

Final alignment and checks before connecting the lodge together

So, while one of us covered one aspect of the installation process, the other was shooting something else. For example, while I was setting up the camera to capture still photography, timelapse footage, or drone footage, Nikki was covering the ground-based footage b-roll and conducting interviews with the park owner and end users of the new lodge. Team Effort all round!

Compilation of Drone video

A short highlights reel of the drone footage before being incorporated into the final video.

Holiday Lodge Virtual Tour - Under Construction

It’s important to remember this Holiday Lodge is still under construction in the Virtual Tour below – By no means YourRetreats would leave it like this! They are highly professional and dedicated to what they do. The tour will show you the onsite build process (The Befores). 

Coming Soon!

We hope to return at some point and show you the fully fitted and completed holiday lodge (The Afters). In the meantime, you can visit YourRetreats‘ website to see their beautiful range of Holiday lodges and residential park homes. You can also learn more about the project from the end user’s perspective – Meadow Springs: Case Study

You can also see more of my photography and footage being put to good use.

Fixtures and fittings for Luxury Park Lodge under construction

Holiday Lodge Project Video by NDH Productions

As already mentioned, I loved working with Nikita on this project! She’s an excellent videographer, always professional, and very easy to get along with which always makes a busy day of photography and video seem easy! 

Photography of Arthurs Restaurant & Meadow Springs

As a small thank you to Jonathan Williams, the owner of Meadow Springs Country and Leisure Park, for being such a welcoming host, I took a quick 360-degree photograph of the on-site restaurant Arthurs, (The food was amazing!) plus some drone photography. I added it to the venue’s Google Business Profile too. 

Aerial Photography of Meadow Springs Country and Leisure Park

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