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Bespoke Creative Design 360 Virtual Tour

What my client said...

Who knew being in front of a camera and learning about branding could be so much fun! I’m a self confessed Luddite...completely incompetent with all things technological! Fortunately I know Graham, a first class business photographer with expertise in branding, who also lives just around the corner from where I am based in Bexleyheath.

I’m a freelance artist and my initial thoughts for redesigning my website were to showcase my portfolio in a fresh new way. I thought it was a simple as that. I approached Graham having seen his 360 virtual tours; I thought this visual approach was a way to introduce myself and show my studio to potential customers - revealing more about my personality and how I work.

Throughout the process of taking the 360 photographs of my studio, Graham offered a deeper perspective about website content and I was able to pin point exactly what I wanted my new website to achieve. In showing my working environment I had hoped that enough of my personality would be reflected in its design; I am not confident posing in front of the camera. I never have been. So, when Graham first arrived and mentioned headshots I rejected the idea immediately, yet during the process of photographing the studio, and the very natural and engaging conversation with Graham, I found myself saying yes to headshots without any persuasion needed!

The word to describe the entire shoot was ‘natural’ and that’s exactly what I want my website to be- to reveal my quirky ideas and inspirations, to share the way in which I work, to remove any ‘hard sell’ angle, to take away any fear that potential clients may have in approaching me, whilst simultaneously showcasing the work I do.

Graham snapped a few informal shots at the end of the session which I uploaded to Facebook and Instagram and the response has been amazing; and these are just the ‘fun’ shots! I haven’t even uploaded the 360 tour and headshots yet! Through this 360 tour, I am confident that future clients will see a side of me that cannot be seen through reading a written biography- in turn, the process of clients making the initial contact should then become less daunting... they have already had a virtual ‘first meeting’.

This new and interactive way of bringing clients into my private workspace is an innovative way of showcasing all aspects of ‘Bespoke Creative Design’ from the professional gallery shots to the random quirky objects I surround myself with for inspiration. It’s a comprehensive mashup of professional portfolio work and eccentric madness all rolled up into one virtual 360 tour... a picture really does speak a thousand words.

Graham is an absolute diamond and a consummate professional. We laughed lots and achieved way more than I ever expected. His insights into branding were challenging and inspiring and his tips about how to hide double chins and reduce hip size were hilarious! (When you book him...ask for a demonstration!)

Thank you Mr Baker for a totally painless, fun and natural session. I couldn’t have asked for more!

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