Drone Video Footage – Tower Bridge & O2 Arena London

Picture of Graham Baker Photography

Graham Baker Photography

Tower Bridge & O2 Drone Video

A short compilation video of Tower Bridge, Canary Wharf and the O2 Arena London following a fun afternoon logging some Drone (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) UAS flight time to keep my certification up-to-date and an opportunity to capture some photography of London.

Just for some additional fun, I created two aerial photographs using a Tilt-Shift miniature effect (Sometimes called a “Tiny-Town” or Toy-Town effect)). Some specialist Tilt-Shift Lenses can make this effect in the camera, but these were created using Photoshop! 

Tower Bridge in Miniature!

Drone Photography Tilt-Shift Miniature Effect using Photoshop – Tower Bridge London

The O2 Arena London - In Miniature!

Drone Photography Tilt-Shift Miniature Effect in Photoshop – O2 Arena London

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