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Why did Divorce Coach need Professional Headshots?

When Divorce Coach Hayley asked me to create professional headshots I wanted to learn more about why she needed them and understand the process from her perspective in this headshot case study.

Meet Hayley

“I’m Hayley, my business is Heart to Heart with Hayley and it’s a specialist divorce and separation coaching service. I help men and women who are either thinking about breaking up or have broken up whether or not they’ve been married or they’ve been cohabiting, or in any kind of meaningful relationship, and help them through the emotional turmoil that you experience when you break up.”

“Divorce coaching is not marriage guidance counselling. I don’t work with couples. It is specifically one-to-one with individuals who are struggling with both the practical and the emotional side of their breakup.”

Headshot Photography for Divorce Coach

Why were you looking for new headshots?

“I’ve been getting some great results with clients but my website was self-designed and all of the images have even been those that I’ve sourced via the internet and stock images that were freely available or photos that I’ve taken myself. “

“I felt that more and more that I’m introducing myself in a much more professional capacity to divorce solicitors as well as clients. I really wanted to elevate that.”

“I’ve also been contributing to podcasts as well as other webinars with other professionals and I kept being asked for professional headshots to promote those.”

“The only photos that I had previously were selfies that I’ve taken for myself and I just didn’t feel they were professional to continue to deliver divorce services and think it’s also important for me to feel like I’ve invested in myself and in the business. It also means that I’d have a consistent set of photos.”

What was your decision-making process to book me?

“I’d found you after seeing some of your social media posts around made in Kent on Instagram. And because I’d recognised that you also had some links in the local area I thought you’d be an interesting person to connect with.”

“I felt that you understood where I was coming from and when I started to see more and more examples of your work through social media it gave me the confidence to know that you were going to get a good shot.”

“I knew I was going be able to work with you and trust you. Your package was really good value for money. yet I never felt sold to at all. You never asked for business but I felt that you were the right person to go to.”

Did you have any sort of fears or objections about booking a headshot session?

“Like a lot of people, I put on a bit of weight during lockdown! I think that was one of the reasons why I’d been putting off getting them done from earlier in the year. But I came to terms with the fact that my clients see me on screen all the time anyway and I’ve got nothing to hide.”

Using a stylist to compliment the photography.

“Along with your guidance about preparing for headshots, I also spoke to a stylist Becky Leeson – Beckys Wardrobe (A personal stylist for women based in Kent) because having spent the last 27 years in the corporate world, and then moving into working for myself I’ve really kind of struggled a little bit with an identity of what to wear.”

“It was a great opportunity for me to have a conversation more broadly about what would I be comfortable in and what suits my personality. From networking or meeting solicitors and clients face to face as well as being on screen, I wanted to get a feel for what would be appropriate.”

“We worked on that based on my brand’s colours and what I was trying to achieve. I think at that time I’d bought a couple of pieces of clothing that I wanted to wear on the photo shoot which actually through our conversations turned out to be a really good bias.”

“It was more about my personal style, the consideration of colours and the connection with my brand. Her work complimented your brief perfectly and I highly recommend her.”

London Divorce Coach Headshot Photography

What was the process like for you?

“It was really simple, the process. We had a conversation in terms of packaging and I shared a brief with you about what I was hoping to achieve from the session which for me was a mixture of formal & lifestyle headshots.”

“It was also important for me to get some headshots that were done in an external sunny environment because it ties in with the work that I do with my clients and how I want them to feel. It’s also tied in with my branding where I have a burst of sunshine on my business cards.”

“I wanted potential clients to see me as approachable and feel a connection with me, I didn’t want them to be in a corporate environment. I wanted it to feel like it was much more like you were meeting somebody out and about with an informal look and feel.”

How was the day of the photoshoot?

“I was a little bit nervous going into it but I felt like you managed to relax me. I have some bad habits because I’m so used to taking selfies. There is definitely a head tilt that goes in at certain angles but we had a bit of fun with that and you did make me laugh.”

“I found it really easy to get on with you and follow your direction. Even though we had some challenges with the lighting in our outdoor location which you had sourced really well, we still got great shots.”

“I’ve had a lot of feedback from people that have said you’ve absolutely captured me spot on. So it’s nice to know that people agree that the photographs have captured my authentic self rather than it looking too formal. You hit the nail on the head.”

How are these images going to help you and your business going forward?

“I’ve already added them to my website, but it’s also made me want to go back and revisit the rest of the content on my website as well. “

“I feel elevates the way I present my business online as well as through social media. Alongside my divorce coaching work, I also work as a freelance trainer. And I’m often requested to supply my headshot to be featured on other company websites.”

“I’m now able to provide those and know that I’m gonna be presenting myself and representing other organisations in the best possible way.”

“I’ve had a couple of friends and colleagues that have said to me, that those photos have made them smile because of the connection that they feel with me straight away.”

“When you are coaching somebody you are buying time with that person, you are buying their service and they need to feel that they can trust you. I definitely think that we managed to capture that.”

As a return on investment was it worth it?

“Yes. I had a phone call via a website for the family law world. I’d literally just changed my photo and I had a phone call the same day from somebody who had found my profile and rang me.”

“I’d like to add to my mum is very happy with them too!” 😁

Who would you recommend this to?

“It’s very much suited to organisations where there is a lot of personal contact with somebody. As I said that when you’re buying into working with a coach they’re buying a piece of you because they’re buying your time, your connection, your personality and your support and your knowledge.”

“So especially for anybody who works on a one-to-one basis. It’s about representing yourself in a way that actually connects with people.”

Professional Headshot for Divorce Coach in Kent
Professional Portraits for Coach

Is there anything else you'd like to share about the experience?

“My takeaways are it’s a lot more involved than just taking a photo for yourself such as a selfie. There were considerations around the lighting, the look, the feel, and camera angles, as well as bringing out the best of me.”

“I absolutely feel like I made the right decision to use a professional because I don’t think the results would’ve been the same if you get a mate to take them.”

“If anyone is hesitating I would encourage them to spend some time thinking about what they’re trying to convey and how that fits in with their brand.”

There’s more information on my planning a brand photoshoot article that covers the things to think about when deciding the purpose of your headshots or visual content.

Final Words...

As a life coach specializing in supporting clients through divorce and separation its really important for potential client to get to know me and trust me. This connection begins via my website and social media. Previously I have relied on photos that I have taken myself which has been great, but I wanted to create something more fitting and professional to reflect the growth of my business and services. Having quality photos representing me and my brand is so important to build that connection. I also work as a freelance trainer and needed headshots to share with potential businesses and agencies so I decided to invest in professional headshots that would suit both needs.

I didn't want my head shots to be too formal or corporate so I tasked Graham with a brief to capture photos that reflected me, my personality and brand both in a studio setting and outdoors. On the day of the shoot Graham made me feel confident in front of the camera and relaxed, gave great direction and absolutely nailed the brief for me and I'm thrilled with the results! I'm really pleased with the results and feel like they have elevated my online presence in a great way! If you need professional headshots or a professional brand photographer in London or Kent, I would highly recommend Graham

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