Bromley Entrepreneur Professional Headshots & Testimonial

Graham Baker Photography

Graham Baker Photography

Professional Headshot session in the studio with Bromley Entrepreneur

Bromley Entrepreneur Professional Headshots

This was a great headshot session with Bromley Entrepreneur Jason Grimwood. He needed new images to build his personal brand across his LinkedIn and his online presence.  

Bromley Entrepreneur Professional Headshot Photos
Professional Headshots Bexley - Graham Baker Photography

Your headshot doesn’t have to be the standard high-key white backdrop. You can also get creating with different backdrops and lighting to create different looks that you can use across different platforms or uses.

For example something more formal for your LinkedIn profile and something less formal as part of a media kit that you may need for guest speaking, banners or as graphics for Youtube thumbnails.  It’s all about being creative but staying true to your brand.

Professional Headshots for Bromley Entrepreneur

What the client said...

"Graham is an incredibly talented photographer. Graham was given the brief and executed it perfectly. I needed professional headshots to help build my personal brand. The idea being to have a more professional image and stand out from the crowd. He makes sure he gets the shot he needs and works tirelessly to achieve that with the client. He is well versed in explaining how to get the right shot. I would have no issue recommending Graham to anyone Graham is friendly, informative, great at leading a shoot, and delivered a superb product!
If you are in Kent, Bexley or Bromley Graham Baker is perfect for you."
Bromley Entrepreneur Professional Headshot Photos
Jason Grimwood
Professional Headshots Bexley

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