Music Album Cover Photography for Mark A.G.

Graham Baker Photography

Graham Baker Photography

Branding & Music Album Cover Photography for Mark A.G.

Music Album Cover Photography for Singer & Songwriter Mark AG
Headshots & Brand Photography for Singer & Songwriter Mark AG

It’s been a pleasure working with regular Client Mark A.G. (Singer / Songwriter) over the past few years for his branding & music album cover Photography and art concepts alongside his music.

Branding & Music Album Cover Photography


Mark’s brief was simple enough for this one… “Blurred street lights” and “Thinking about the good and bad points about love during a drunken taxi ride home!”


After discussing the concept in a bit more detail; and trialling a few other art concepts first, we eventually came up with an abstract design. That blurry light after too few many giving you the impression of looking out of a car window, but not actually seeing or registering what’s there because the mind is drifting somewhere else.

Branding & Music Album Cover Photography

This was a lot of fun, shooting close to Shooters Hill (South East London) waiting for the right lighting conditions to create the silhouette. Notwithstanding the complexities of trying to find the loud hailer prop involving more than several journeys between Brighton, London! Although, it was very much worth it in the end!

Branding & Music Album Cover Photography

With “A Beautiful Flower”, The concept for the was inspired by the poem ‘What If You Slept’ and is about a couple who grew apart, but years later reflect on their lives and thinking back to when even the hard-working times didn’t matter because of their love, and the hope that if they dream hard enough then it will all be the same as before.

The cover image is a composite shot of 3 photographs processed and blended together in Adobe photoshop. The pink rose, the industrial landscape (deliberately left grainy for the cover) and the holding hands (again processed to make them look old and rough).

However, I can’t take all the credit for photographs of the hands being as one hand is mine and the other is my wife’s hand!  

Being a bit difficult to focus the camera and release the shutter when holding hands with my wife, it was actually my daughter, Sydney (and 9-year-old protégé!) who actually took the winning photograph that Mark decided on!

Branding & Music Album Cover Photography



One of the first projects I worked on with Mark and we used photographs from an outdoor photoshoot alone with photographs while in the recording studio.

“I contacted Graham to do a photoshoot for a singing project and he discussed with me what I was looking for and gave me advice on what kind of shots would look good. We met up and he immediately put me at ease about what the day would consist of. I didn’t feel at all nervous and he made the whole thing go so smoothly and professionally. Graham has a very warm and witty personality and this makes for such an easy working relationship as he constantly puts you at ease and makes you laugh. He is a very talented photographer and i was very impressed with the photos he took of me and i will definitely use him again!”

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