Personal Brand Photography Case Study for Darkness2Light Hypnotherapy

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Graham Baker Photography

Client Case study for Maria - Darkness2Light Hypnotherapy based in Maidstone, Kent.

I had a lovely catch-up with Maria, who provides hypnotherapy (Not to be mistaken with those stage hypnotists!) services in Kent, to discuss her business and her experience working with me on a brand photography session.

Personal Brand Photos for Hypnotherapist

What is Darkness2Light Hypnotherapy?

“I’m Maria, a certified Solution-Focused Hypnotherapist, and my company is Darkness2light Hypnotherapy. I have been in business since October 2019. My hypnotherapy service is based on finding solutions, so it combines non-invasive talking and listening, relaxation and using solution-focused techniques to take my clients forward to where they would like to be in their lives

I’ve also studied NLP and bring techniques from that into my work too. I help many different types of clients, from criminal lawyers to people who’ve been through domestic abuse, phobia work, women transitioning through menopause and people who’ve had suicidal ideation.

I’m helping to take them to the next stage in their life, and I actually help them to understand that they have the resources to do this, and it’s all done through Solutions. We only talk about what’s happened to them just once in our Initial Consultation, and then it’s put to one side. It’s all about moving the clients forward to where they want to be.

They have resources that have enabled them to be happy to get things done, but things have overtaken them, and those resources have been forgotten. I help them regain those resources so they understand that they can actually make any changes in their life that they want to. It’s fabulous to see their progress, and it makes me feel wonderful to know that I’ve helped them make the changes that they need.”

Personal Brand Photos of Hypnotherapy Sessions

Why did you need Images for your brand?

“I had a website built for me when I first qualified in Hypnotherapy (2019), but last year, I rebranded myself and got a new logo and a web designer to create a new website. And I thought, right, I now need some wonderful images to go on the website and for my social media posts, and I knew exactly the person I wanted to bring in on that. You!”

Why did you choose Graham Baker Photography?

“I’ve seen you on social media, and all your posts about what your clients say; those were fantastic.

I love your photography, and I just thought, okay, Graham’s the man to be able to do the job because I knew that you’d be perfect for it.”

Why use a professional brand photographer; why not just do it yourself?

“I thought about it a lot, and I wanted to tell the story about what I do; it’s all very well just having headshots so you can see the person, but from a brand perspective, it’s essential to know the story.

I wanted to have shots where you could see me working and get the atmosphere of the environment the client is going into, helping the clients become more comfortable with what to expect.”

Tell me about the planning process.

“There was a lot of preparation you went through, which really helped. You asked me all the right questions and created a Pinterest board to give me ideas. It wasn’t just thinking about what photographs I wanted either; we also covered who my clients are and my brand messaging, including my brand colours and style.

The whole process was helpful – It wasn’t a case of I didn’t just pay you, and you came and took photographs. There was a cacophony of things completed before the day of the shoot, so when you did come to do the photographs, we both had an excellent idea about exactly how it would go, how long you would be and what type of shots you would take.

As the saying goes, prior preparation and planning prevent poor performance!”

Hypnotherapist explaining how the brain works

Did you have any reservations about the photoshoot?

“Not at all at all because of the planning; I knew what to expect. I had different outfits to cover various shots, from casual to smart, and you suggested incorporating my brand colours. So I went out and bought a couple of things too.

I wasn’t nervous at all, it was great. I think I’m a bit of an extrovert, and I love socialising with people, so it didn’t bother me to have my photos taken.

We can’t produce our own pictures. It’s all very well taking a selfie, but at the end of the day, if you want good photographs that tell a story, you need to get a professional, especially for your website.”

Brand Photography Storytelling for Hypnotherapist in Kent

How are you using the images?

“Along with my website, it’s all to do with my social media strategy. I’ve started pre-planning my social media, so it depends on what I’m posting about and the images I need to use.

I’ve already used some action shots using my hands and smiling at my client as those are the sort of photographs I like to use, and I’ll be using more of the ones where I’m writing on my board and drawing the brain.

I want to show people that I’m not a scary hypnotherapist but very nice, and I’m not going to make you do anything you don’t want to do”

What’s the benefit of having a library of branded images?

“I think the fundamental benefit of using your images is the storytelling and the action shots of me with my clients working.

It’s about telling the story of the person, not just the fact that I’m a hypnotherapist or my life story but the client’s story too.

They get to see themselves and know me, which builds that connection.”

360 view of Darkness2Lights Hypnotherapy space

What my clients say...

I am a Solution-Focussed Hypnotherapist based in Maidstone, Kent and I had wanted to develop a new personal brand for myself with headshot photography and location photography and be able to use my new rebranding portfolio for my new website.

Graham was amazing to work with, and he made the day going really quickly with such wonderful instructions that I and my 2 colleagues found very easy to follow.

There was laughter and joy, funny moments, coffee and chocolate biscuits and joke telling throughout to make things very enjoyable and easy.

It was a great day with Graham and I will be using some of my chosen headshots and full body images plus images of my therapy room for my website and social media posts plus banner and leaflets eventually.

Thank you so much, Graham and I would recommend Graham to anybody who wants new photos and location images for their brand, for anyone starting out who needs a brilliant photographer to help them with their brand with great tips and information about getting the best out of their brand.

Get in touch with Graham. He will put you at your ease and do everything he can to make sure that the experience is treasured you receive the best images and aftercare from him. Highly recommended.

Personal brand photography client case study for Darkness2Light Hypnotherapy. Solution focused hypnotherapist based in Maidstone Kent.

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