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Commercial Product Photography Commission for BASSBUDS

Product Photography for BassBuds | Commercial Photographer Graham Baker Photography
I was commissioned for a commercial product photography shoot, by BASSBUDS (a subsidiary brand of Electrobox Ltd), who along with their partners at Swarovski, offer more fashion focussed, unique and stylish In-Ear Headphones and other portable music devices.
As well as their wider audience BASSBUDS products particularly appeal to those who are more fashion conscious; and are supported by many celebrity endorsements in the fashion and entertainment industry! It could well be argued that I’m biased, saying something so good about a client and their product, however I do say with sincerity; they have a really quality feel and build standard; and sound reproduction is fantastic to match – they have literally blown my old earphones away!!
Product Photography for BassBuds | Graham Baker Photography
I was contacted by a PR Executive, from the company who had seen some of my previous product photography commissions; and in particular my work on jewellery photography that fit with the ‘look’ they wanted for this particular run.
Product Photography for BassBuds | Graham Baker Photography
From the outside this would appear to be a simple product photography shoot of some earphones and Bluetooth Speakers (BASSBOOMZ). However when you consider the complexities for shooting and lighting something so very small and still being able to capture the fine detail, as well as ensuring that the essence of the brand is expressed to the company brief; you will know that commercial photography work is nowhere near as simple as it seems!
I challenge anyone to be consistent across 40 individual earphones, 40 jack plugs, 40 controllers and their assorted display boxes over a few full days of commercial photography work!
Having said that; and despite this being an extremely challenging process, it has also been one of a very rewarding commercial shoot.
Product Photography for BassBuds | Graham Baker Photography

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