Fitness Instructor – Move Your Mood – Branding Session

Really enjoyable personal branding photography session for Bexley based Fitness Instructor Jackie (Move Your Mood). Whose main focus is to help those who struggle with their mental health to exercise and feel better, either in a class or on a one-to-one.

Bexley Personal Trainer - Move Your Mood

Why be a Fitness Instructor; and what inspired you to start Move Your Mood?

“I’m a fitness instructor focused on working with people who struggle with their mood / mental health and using exercise as a tool to help alleviate symptoms.  I’ve been a service user and struggled for many years with anxiety and depression so have a personal understanding of how it feels.  I’ve also felt the positive benefits from exercise over the years – whilst I understand it’s difficult I also see the beauty and relief that exercise can bring – not just mentally but physically too.”

Personal Branding Photography for Personal Trainer - Move Your Mood

What is unique about you and Move your mood that you would like everyone to know about – What makes you different?

“There are so many fitness programmes out there and so much thrown at people which actually gets them queuing up for the pills rather than the lifestyle change – I’m not saying medication is not the answer but there is so much to gain from including movement and indeed the connection with others (if you are in that place) into your weekly routine.  Move Your Mood aims to get people moving but in a mindful fashion. 

The vision is to create a space, either one-to-one or in a group, that’s for you.  Where you get to exercise or move in your own way; where there is no judgement; where you can focus and be mindful of how your body is moving and take you out of your worries, anxieties, stresses; to set the physiological processes going and so releasing feel-good hormones; at ultimately to feel better than when you started. 

My personal experience with mental health; the focus on mood and mental health in particular; using exercise as a tool to help this, and reaching those who are struggling; separates what I am doing from normal programmes. I also like to touch on mindset and finding ways to empower individuals which is all part of the motivation and inspiration.”

Personal Branding Photography for Personal Trainer - Move Your Mood

What have you been up to in the last month?

“I’ve been looking at ways to expand my class with MIND in Bexley and have ended up getting the go-ahead for a new class separate to this for the local community.  This will be held at Geddes Place Church Hall at the start of the New Year – and I’m super excited about it.  I’ve also started looking at ways to sort out funding for another project similar to the one completed this year with MIND in Bexley Recovery College where we all completed a 6-month project with a 10k walk at the end.  I received funding from Maudsley Charity / Smile Together and will be showcasing my project at their event in January at the Maudsley.”

Personal Branding Photography for Personal Trainer - Move Your Mood

What are you currently working on or towards – What’s next for you – The Future?

“I ‘ looking for funding for another project working with those who struggle with mood and mild-moderate mental health issues and hope to do a walk or a hike next year.  Longer-term, I am keen to explore working with local companies on a project with those who might benefit from what I do either by coming into the business and talking to people or working with people on a one to one or group basis.”

Lifestyle Business Photographer - Shooters Hill | Welling | Bexley - StudioGB Photography

What’s your top advice to someone who would benefit from what you do?

“Movement is an option for the majority. It is very often a mindset that keeps you static and unmoving.  It is the small steps that ultimately create giant leaps. Research shows that exercise is beneficial for mental and physical well-being.  Yes it will feel like an effort, and Yes you may have to feel a little uncomfortable, but Yes you will be guided, and Yes you can feel good once you start to move.”

StudioGB Photography - Personal Branding Photography for Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer - Move Your Mood Bexley

Who’s been some of the mentors/key people who are instrumental to your success/starting/Inspiration?

“My initial connection was Mandy Rawsthorne who has been a fitness professional for years and runs her own business Fit2Relax with her daughter Rachael-Ann; I briefly touched on some training with Ryan Pinnick’s, SuperGenius which was a great inspiration and insight into creating my vision and understanding my ego and how I sabotage; most importantly though I have done a great deal of work with a Spiritual Coach, Tanja Jaeger, who has and continues to be a wonderful guide in living my life in flow and making decisions from the heart; and Amanda Riggall, Life and Business Coach who has been a beacon, inspiration and a life changer.  (Feels like my acceptance speech for an Oscar! Lol)”

What did you learn from working with me at StudioGB Photography?

“I learned that having your photograph taken need not be painful.  Graham opens up a limitless space to create a vision.  He is also a gigantic cauldron of ideas.”

Personal Branding Photography Session Oxleas Wood Shooters Hill - StudioGB Photography

How has StudioGB Photography helped your business?

“Working with Graham and continuing to work with him has literally speeded up how I’m pushing forward with my business.  Graham has transformed how people see Move Your Mood as the photos are fantastic and it has enabled me to step up a notch and take my business to the next phase.”

How are you going use (or have you used) your new brand images?

“I’ve used some of the photos on social media and on my Google My Business page.  I will also be using them for flyers and I intend to create a stand on which I will also use a couple of photos to promote Move Your Mood at networking and showcasing events.”

Personal Branding Photography Session Oxleas Wood Shooters Hill - StudioGB Photography

Anything else you would like to say about branding / Social media visuals?

“It’s paramount to have a professional look and it is key to capture the essence of your vision so that potential clients get a feel for what you are about.  People can make a decision on whether they choose to go with you by the photos and information you share and I think it’s key to remember that each of these is a footprint so to speak, as you move forward that once out there can’t be erased.”

“I have so much thanks to Graham for helping me in creating the visual representation of Move Your Mood – and also to Sarah who took part in the shoot and helped to bring it to life.”

Fitness Instructor

if you’re interested in learning what Move Your Mood can do for you, then please take a look at the [Facebook page]

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