Emma Parker Art & Pet Portraits – Bexley Artist

Emma Parker is a South East London-based artist specializing in Pet Portraits, beautiful watercolour prints and original artwork.

There’s something special about working with and supporting other local businesses. So it was an absolute pleasure to work with Emma on updating her personal branding headshots, as well as shooting some editorial photos of her working behind the scenes too.

Emma intends to use the images towards her social media marketing and website in order to promote her artwork and business based in Bexley.

What inspired you to start Emma Parker Art?

I left Sixth Form with absolutely no idea of what I wanted to do as a job – all I knew is that I didn’t want to be sat at a desk on a computer all day until I retired! I’ve always had a love for art and so one day decided to book a last minute craft fair which I took my paintings along to just to see what kind of response they would get. I made more sales than expected and got so many lovely compliments from people which made me realise that my artwork was worth showing and that it was possible to make a living from doing what I love!

Small Business Headshots for Emma Parker Art & Pet Portraits

What is unique about Emma Parker Art that you would like everyone to know about?

I think the main thing I want to achieve through my artwork is essentially to just make people happy, whether that is by drawing a portrait of a beloved pet or by creating a painting that makes someone smile. It’s amazing to think that I can take a piece of plain paper and turn it into something that will make someone’s day! I think it’s fair to say that a lot of businesses create purely for profit without enjoying the process, whereas I love chatting with my clients and getting to know them. Getting to know my clients inspires me to create the best artwork I possibly can for them, which in return pushes me to be the best artist I possibly can be.

Small Business Headshots for Emma Parker Art & Pet Portraits

What have you been up to in the last month?

The Christmas rush for pet commissions is in full swing so 90% of my time has been spent working on them, and the other 10% spent on creating some new original paintings.

Small Business Headshots for Emma Parker Art & Pet Portraits

What are you currently working on or towards – What’s next for you?

Christmas commissions will be my primary focus for the next few months as well as showcasing my work at local Christmas Craft Fairs, so once the demand for that is out of the way I’d really like to focus on some large scale original paintings. I’d really love to have a mailing list/newsletter up and running in the New Year as well which will provide my clients with info on my latest artworks, upcoming events etc.

Small Business Headshots for Emma Parker Art & Pet Portraits

What is your advice to aspiring artists? – or – Best advice to your clients?

My advice would be to always create what you love – if the passion isn’t there, you’ll never be happy with the finished product. I think it’s also important to remember that your art isn’t always going to be everybody’s cup of tea and that that’s okay too. The people who do love your work will find you, which is why it’s so important to have a big social media presence. I love interacting with my followers and in return they like to share my work with their friends so I think having a good relationship with your ‘fan-base’ is essential to doing well.

Small Business Headshots for Emma Parker Art & Pet Portraits

Who have been some of the mentors/key people who are instrumental to your success/starting Emma Parker Art?

have an amazing network of family and friends who are so supportive of what I do and who are always encouraging me to carrying on creating what I love. It can be hard being self employed so to have them always egging me on is really great. As I’m a largely self taught artist I also owe a lot to all the artists I follow on social media, as seeing them creating beautiful things really inspires me to pick up my paintbrush and create my own.

London Personal Branding Photography - Small Business Headshots for Emma Parker Art & Pet PortraitsSmall Business Headshots for Emma Parker Art & Pet Portraits

What are the one or two key things you’ve learnt from working with me (StudioGB Photography)?

Graham was really great at highlighting to me the importance of brand photography and how having a portfolio of my own can help me appeal to new clients and further connect with my current ones. I love the behind the scenes shots we worked on too as I feel they really give my followers an understanding of who I am and how I work as an artist – a concept I didn’t give much thought to before!

Small Business Headshots for Emma Parker Art & Pet Portraits

How are you going to use your new brand images?

I’m really enjoying using my brand images on my social media pages. Having such professional photos of myself and my work really gives my pages those finishing touches! It’s also great to be able to share them with my audience and to show them the face behind the art, allowing me to connect further with them.

Small Business Headshots for Emma Parker Art & Pet Portraits

After listening to Emma’s story and seeing the effort she puts into her work, I was genuinely inspired by her dedication to her artwork; and as a result we’ve discussed future collaborations and mutual local business support too!

You can find out more about Emma Parker and her work via her [Facebook Page] and her [Etsy Store].

You can also find information about her services over at the Oval Pet Centre too!

Scroll down ⬇️⬇️ to see the fabulous original work Emma created of our furry family member too!


Emma Parker Art - Pet Portraits - Bexley Artist

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