Autumn Rose Duo – Personal Branding Photography Session at the Studio

Autumn Rose Duo (Kate & Tony) are a live acoustic musical act  based in the South East London and Kent. They’re having a complete overhaul of their public brand presence. So, they needed headshots and personal brand photographs that they’re going to use across their various internet and social media platforms as well as other promotional materials.

Here’s what they both had to say!

What inspired you to start Autumn Rose Duo?

Headshot for Tony - Autumn Rose Duo

Tony: “Both of us have always loved music! I’ve been playing instruments since I was in primary school, and spending time listening to albums I love on repeat since around the same time”

Headshot for Kate - Autumn Rose Duo

Kate: I love what it feels like to perform! That spreads in to poetry and spoken word too, so this was an amazing opportunity to perform musically and collaborate with a great musician. By playing together we’re able to explore so much more of our individual musicality than we could as solo performers.

Tony: Both of us love to travel, too, so the thought of being able to perform together every day and still getting to explore the world makes playing cruises sound like a dream come true.

What is unique about Autumn Rose Duo that you would like everyone to know about?

Headshot for Kate - Autumn Rose Duo

Kate: I think what makes us stand out is that we’re so versatile. We can create an intimate and emotional atmosphere, or we can bring up the energy and have a room singing, or we can even just be in the background to add to the mood of the room.

Tony: I think that’s the best part because we can bring something meaningful to any special occasion. Being able to tailor a set specifically for the event means we can fit perfectly at weddings just as well as we can in a bar.

What have you two been up to in the last month?

Branding Shots for - Autumn Rose Duo

Tony: A lot of behind the scenes work for our promotion, this month. We’ve played a show, but most of our energy has been aimed at creating a promotion reel for ourselves. Since our amazing photo shoot, we’ve been at studios in Oxfordshire and Hampshire getting songs recorded, and up to Sheffield to create the video!

Kate: It’s been great working with so many creative people, Luke Cunnington from PSL studios has been amazing, as was Miguel Dela Cruz for creating our promo reel. And of course, the incomparable Graham Baker! We consider ourselves lucky that we managed to find such a skilled professional to take the headshots that will kickstart our social media

What are you currently working on or towards? Whats next for you guys?

Branding Shots for - Autumn Rose Duo

Kate: As we wait for our promo material to wrap up, we’re constantly expanding our repertoire. Whilst rehearsing, we love performing live – it was great to perform recently at the Sunday sessions at the Kings Arms in Bexleyheath with Little Talks and Josh Hassell!

(Ah didn’t know you’ve met Josh! Good friend and another client of mine! 😉)

Tony: We love playing and would love to be taking on more events in the coming months, but our biggest goal is definitely getting enough songs together for the cruises. We’re looking to learn around 300!

What is your advice to aspiring musicians/singers?

Branding Shots for - Autumn Rose Duo

Kate: Practice, practice, practice. Keep learning new music, don’t just stick to what you know and love – as a cover band, we’re constantly trying to widen our range of material. As general advice, though, be aware of your audience, but make sure you’re still doing what you love.

Tony: As a musician, your network is everything. Being on your local scene is going to expose you to producers, performers, managers, promoters, photographers, videographers, and so much more. So many of my projects have come from people who I’ve worked with before. The more people you know, the more people you can work with, the more people can recommend you to others, and if you all mutually support each other’s work, everyone in that network benefits.

Who have been some of the mentors/key people who are instrumental to your success/starting Autumn Rose Duo?

Headshot Photographer South East London - StudioGB Photography

Tony: My drive to succeed in music has always been driven by my friend Jamie, who sadly passed away in 2015. We played in a band together through school, he played drums and I sang and played guitar, and his influence on me absolutely made me the musician I am today. Specifically for Autumn Rose, though, I’m not too sure – this has really felt like something that’s been our project together, that we’ve totally taken the reigns on.

Kate: It feels strange to deconstruct the word ‘success’, when I feel like our success lies in our audience leaving our gigs satisfied and entertained. I had always wanted to perform at a high level, and every gig increases our capabilities as musicians.

What are the one or two key things you’ve learned from working with me at StudioGB Photography?

Personal Brand Photographer South East London - StudioGB Photography

Kate: Your guidance really helped us! On top of the amazing photos, your experience in helping small businesses helped us to form an idea on how we wanted to brand ourselves and push our promotion forward.

Tony: You also helped us to realise that connecting with people through what we do is hugely important to the success of a business! As is, of course, the way you present yourselves.

How are you going to use your new brand images?

Personal Brand Photographer South East London - StudioGB Photography

Tony: Our images are going to be everywhere! In what we do, we are the product, so presenting ourselves in the best way we can is key. The pictures will be on social media, on our website when we get it together, and they’ll be sent to agencies when we’re applying for cruises!

Kate: What’s nice about having professional headshots is, aside from our acoustic duo, we now have an appropriately formal representation for any future employment and our own individual work.

Tony: Yes! I teach guitar in Bexleyheath and will be using the images to help promote that too!

Performing Artists Portfolio Photographer South East London - StudioGB Photography

Thank you!

Thanks for telling me a bit more about yourselves! I’ve absolutely loved working with you! So relaxed and calm to work with, extremely talented, driven to success but huge amounts of humility too!

Definitely looking forward to seeing more of Autumn Rose Duo; and I will be adding them to my recommended suppliers over on my wedding photography page too!

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