Fine Art Photography

What is Fine Art Photography ?

There are many different ideas of what ‘Fine Art Photography’ is, making it all so subjective.

In my mind though ‘fine art photography’ is about establishing something that’s more than just a two dimensional illustration of what we see. It’s about creating something that has more of an artistic impression of the person or subject being photographed. It should have character that stimulates a genuine feeling and have atmosphere.

It’s about making something that’s timeless, with a discernible value. It should be something that needs be appreciated physically, in a printed and form; and displayed for you to see through your own eyes and not an computer screen.

What do you have have displayed in your home?

Top tips to consider when searching for a Great Portrait Photographer!

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Are you looking for a Great Portrait Photographer? There are lots of things to consider when you're searching for a great portrait photographer in your local area. So to get you started here are just a few simple tips that you may find useful! Let me know if you find this useful! [...]

Why you should print your photographs? | StudioGB Photography

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Why you should print your photographs? I’ve always believed that the best way for you to enjoy your portraits are in their physical form; and you should print your photographs out. I believe this will make your memories tangible and have presence; and it’s a way of preserving them that shows everybody what [...]

Special Fine Art Portrait & Newborn Photography Session

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For the family that REALLY needed a Special Fine Art Portrait Photography Session! There is quite the story attached to this Special Fine Art Portrait Photography shoot for a family that nearly lost everything! Bobby and Lauren had already booked us for a Newborn session for their first baby, however baby Paisley [...]

A Fine Art Photography Session for a Brother & Sister

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A Brother & Sister in the Studio! I hope you enjoy these few photographs of this cute Brother & Sister, who were in for a children’s fine art and portrait photography session at our small private studio (StudioGBP) that's based in Welling. Get in contact in the forms at the end of [...]

Portrait Photography Session Welling

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Photography Session Welling Please enjoy just a few photography from this children’s fine art style portrait session at my new studio space StudioGBP Welling Bexley. These girls were such little stars and a real credit to their equally lovely parents! Hope to photograph them again soon! Enjoy! If you would like to know [...]

Professional Fine Art Portrait Photography Workshop

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Fine Art Portrait Photography Workshop My ethos is to make my art the best it can be. It’s so important to continually challenge what I already know; as well as develop new skills, in order to provide you with the highest quality service and latest products that I can. I do this through [...]

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